Friday, October 5, 2012

It's been a while

This summer has flown past and landed us straight into fall. As I look back over the summer i am grateful that we did not waste it. I am excited as the season changes, onward to new adventures. We have a few adventures planned for this fall. We are currently in BC spending Thanksgiving with family and friends, I am thankful for the airmiles I diligently acquire that allows us to see our family a few times a year. We are also planning on renovating our kitchen! I am excited for this as I love decorating and renovating. I'd love to have the house all finished and ready to bring home our child.
As far as adoption goes, we continue to patiently wait. This summer brought about some ups and downs, which is usual when waiting. I still have faith to continue this journey God has sent us on. I have hope for a family. I want to wait for God's timing, but it gets hard. My heart hurts sometimes, but we press on. I believe my children are worth all this, so we fight ono our knees daily. Something I have started to do is to pray for my children at 11:11 everyday. Random, I know, but when I was younger someone said to pray for your future husband at 11:11 everyday, so I did. Nothing special about the time, it is just a reminder... but for some reason I almost daily catch a glimpse of 11:11 on a clock somewhere. I smile and thank God that has has reminded me to pray. Somedays the prayers are long and other days all I can muster to say is, "Please Father bring them home". So here we are, continuing on, hoping, praying and waiting for the day Jesus says, "It's time!"