Wednesday, February 26, 2014

20-21 months old

Once again I am a few weeks behind, I will make it to 24 months though! Time is flying and Isaac is turning into a little boy. He has changed so much lately. They say at this age they learn 10 new words a day, and that seems true for Isaac. He is so smart, people are constantly commenting on his language skills. I got stopped yesterday in a store and the lady said her two year old grandsons don't even say as much as him. All I remember him saying was "Kitty, Meow".  We are enjoying every stage as it comes, each with new joys and challenging. We spend most of the day laughing at the cute things he says, he is quite the funny little guy! I thought my favorite age was 12-18 months but I now feel my favorite age is whatever age Isaac is :)

The funny things you say:
-You love telling the dogs off. You yell, "Bedtime!" "Out!" "Down!" and they listen to your every word. They are a little afraid of you as you still hit them sometimes and grab their skin (no I  do not allow this!) but you also pet them gently and kiss them.
-You love to eat so a lot of your words have to do with food. You love ketchup and call it "Dedup", we have now convinced you that all sauce is dedup.
-It's hard to think of everything, you say the cutest things.

How you sleep:
-We still haven't kicked you out of the bed yet haha, you love having us beside you at night. Sometimes I can feel you reaching around to touch skin, I think you do this to see if we are still there.
-We don't rock you to sleep anymore, you like to lay down to fall asleep now. We lay beside you and sometimes you curl up to us, other times you want to lay in your own space. I asked you the other night if you wanted to cuddle and you said no. I tried to tickle your head and hand and you picked my hand up and pushed it away. I was so sad, yes I put too much emotion on your responses. Then after a few minutes you rolled over and curled right up against me and fell asleep. I admit you made me cry, it's hard to not be emotional when it comes to affection from your children!
-We sing Jesus Loves Me, to which you now know almost all the words, then we pray. You list of a name and I will pray for them. You always pray for your family, specifically Uncle Bobby at least 5 times in each prayer.

-You will now play with toys for about five minutes on your own! You still prefer to play with us or play with whatever we are using, but you are starting to venture out on your own.
-You love playing with your cousins, although you fight over toys with them, you think they are hilarious and always want in on their games.
-You are very active and the weather has been very cold...this does not make for the best mix. We take you to play places, swimming and anywhere else that you can be active and warm. You like hockey now and finally got to try some hockey skates on! I can tell we will need to get you involved in lots of sports!
-You have loved watching Olympics over the past few weeks, your favorite being hockey. This is the first thing we have actually let you watch, so when you see a remote you yell, "Hockey! GGGGGGOAL!!!!!"
-You still love music, your favorite song is Little Drummer Boy. You ask for "Pump pum pum" about 5 times a day. You have learned the first half of the song and always go to the ladder to dance. You love drums and have recently discovered the set at Uncle Bobbys house.

The funny things you do:
-I thought Daddy was watching you so I went and sat in the car, apparently he thought I was watching you so you took the opportunity to start booking it down the driveway. When we caught you, you yelled, "Uncle Bobby House!!!" You were on a mission to get to Uncle and Aunties house a few doors down!
-We were upstairs, I turned around and saw you hit Lily in the face. I asked you why you hit Lily, you grabbed your bum and said, "Lily eating bum!!" Fair enough, I couldn't get you in trouble for that!
-We have been potty training in the house, you are so smart that you started telling us you needed to poop, you kept your diaper dry and have been doing fairly well. We bought you big boy undies, the smallest I could find, and you are the cutest thing ever walking around in them with your tiny buns!!

The naughty things you do:
-This category could go on for a while haha, you are in to everything! It's not that you are meaning to be naughty, it's more that you are curious and adventurous.
-You fight your cousins for toys, you think you can grab from them and that all toys in the house belong to you at any given moment. You are working on sharing and when asked nicely will share with others.
-We ask you to sit while you eat, which is really hard for you to do. You want to run around with your food and have to be reminded about 20 times a meal to sit down to eat. Feeding you is sometimes exhausting as you now insist on feeding yourself. Food is fun, and you like to muck around with it as you eat it. You were eating chili with a dinosaur tail and I actually didn't have the heart to stop you, at least you were eating!
-We believe your heart is good and you have a desire to do what is right. And granted you aren't hungry or tired, you will correct yourself and listen when you know what is right. You are a sweetheart and love to say thank-you and please.

The other day we were at a playplace. You were in the ballpit with friends when I went to get my phone to take pictures. You had three aunties standing around right in front of you. You noticed I left and I saw you look around. You then starting saying, "mama? Mama?". No one heard you but me. I grabbed my phone and rushed back. You were still looking for me when I crawled up to you so our eyes met at the same level. I smiled and said,"here I am". You smiled back then proceeded to show me how you jumped in the ballpit. You have no idea what that did to my heart. You look for me, you need me, not only to give you something but for companionship. You want me to watch and share in your joy and I don't want to miss one minute of it!!

I'm sure I've said this every update but we love being your parents, you bring us joy and are a gift from God. We thank him continually for giving you to us, we could not think of a better gift. We love being a family, through the good times and bad, we are figuring out what it means to put others above ourselves and selflessly serve. We love you!