Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ethiopian New Years

On Sunday Arnie and I went out to celebrate Ethiopian New Years.

Technically the holiday is on the monday, but we were told that the Canadian Ethiopian's were celebrating on Sunday because everyone has to work on Monday. We decided to go to the same restaurant we went to for Christmas. We love this place! It looks like it is built in a trailor with a mobile home type addition.

It is mostly Ethiopian's who go to this restaurant as it is located close to the Ethiopian community. Our sweet waitress barely spoke english. We had a chance to get to know the family who own the restaurant a little bit and got to talking about our adoption. We found out the couple is Christian and has family living in Addis. The lady told us that when we get our referral that she would be honored to do a coffee ceremony for us. She also said that when we do go to Ethiopia that she will call her family and arrange for them to meet up with us and show us around!

We are going to keep going to this restaurant often as we would love to keep building a relationship with this family. I thought about our child all night and how I wished they were with us... We knew we needed to celebrate this holiday and continue to find out more about Ethiopian culture even though our child is not with us yet. I look forward to the day we can bring our child to this restaurant, I hope they will feel at home there and that they will be able to meet some friends.... Now if only that phone would just ring!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


We made it home from Hungary. 24 hours of travelling and I was starting to see double. I don't think I have mentioned this before, but can I just tell you how thankful I am for my bed... I got in my bed curled up and thought, I have never been so comfortable in all of my life!

I am happy to be home. Although I loved Hungary and meeting my family, there is just something about being home. I can speak and others understand me. I can go to the grocery store and know exactly what everything is. I can cook. I can clean. The air is cool and my bed is warm. I can see my family and friends again. I can order coffee. I can pick my garden. I can walk down the street and not get lost (and even if I do I can ask for directions).

I am so thankful for all God has given me. Coming home I have been wondering why it is that I get to have what I do. Why was I born in Canada? Why was I not born into poverty? I dont have answers for this... but I know that I do not deserve what I do have. I thank God, but also wonder if maybe someone else should have what I have. I do plan on giving what I have to my Ethiopian children, but somehow I still feel undeserving of all the blessing I have.

And again... I am just so happy to be home!

My husband on the other hand, could live this life forever!!