Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A little update on Isaac and waiting for baby #2

It's hard to imagine Isaac has been home for over 1.5 years, yet still it somehow feels he has always just been here. He is now 2.5 and full of life. I haven't updated in a while because, like all other moms of toddlers, we have been busy!!!
There is not a day that goes by where our house is not full of laughter...sure we have our days, but those days are nothing in comparison to the joy Isaac brings. Isaac talks ... non-stop...all day long...to everyone and anyone. He says the funniest things every day, I promised myself I would write some of them down because they are too good to be forgotten!!

Isaac will often ask for things, mostly having to do with sugar, so we sometimes need to say no. I usually say, "Not right now." He responded the other day with, "Maybe Tuesday Mommy? Maybe, sure??" I was laughing so hard and said that Tuesday he could have it. He then moved on and was totally ok with that answer. Now, instead of saying no we tell him maybe on Tuesday he can have what he is asking for. The big joke is that one day he will realize it's a Tuesday and he will cash in on everything in one day!

He also loves to talk to people when we are out in stores, he will ask people their names and then he follows with, "Where's your Mommy?" This is very cute but also very awkward when he asks the elderly people standing behind us in line!!! I'm trying to teach him to only ask children this question.

He is now speaking a lot of Hungarian and understands every word Arnie speaks to him. He likes to mix and mush his sentences with English and Hungarian...it's so adorable.

He loves music and instruments, mostly favouring the drums. His favourite thing to play with are things that resemble sticks. He loves his plastic knives and will often carry them around as drum sticks all day long looking for things to bang on. While this can be challenging (as he bangs on glass objects or uses his food covered utensils to bang on the table) I love watching him develop this love for music. I will be completely shocked if he does not play drums professionally one day!

I now tell people that I don't believe in "Terrible Twos", there is nothing terrible about two! Sure we have moments and times I could just bang my head on the wall rather than repeat the same thing over and over, but those moments are quickly masked by the funny and sweet ones that happen every day. The other day, he stuck a bowl on his head while completely naked running around with a spatula, and I had a moment of "I'm so lucky that this is my life". I have said I would like to have a 2 year old in my house for the next ten years...granted my energy level can keep up!!!

Isaac is full of kisses and hugs and is very affectionate. He doesn't cuddle very often but we still cuddle him to sleep every nap time and night. Don't ask how long we will do this...I could probably do it forever!

We are very busy with Isaac but we are also greatly anticipating baby number 2. Our hearts are beginning to long the way we longed for Isaac. As I pack up his baby stuff and only a little bit remains, I am careful to not move it far away in hopes I'll be able to bring it all out again one day soon! We often talk about baby brother or sister to Isaac, to try and get him ready. The other day we were driving and out of nowhere Isaac says, "Please I have a new sister and bring her to my house, to mommy's house and daddy's house?" I just about pulled over in shock of what he said! I said that I really hope one day we can but I'm not really in charge of that, he would need to ask Jesus if he wants a sister. He said he did ask Jesus and Jesus told him yes....I suppose only time will tell :) And so begin the "birth pains" of adoption. The long and painful wait for our baby, the unknown of how long it will take and the unknown of who our baby will be. It is honestly a roller coaster of emotion, one minute we are so happy and excited and then the next these anxious thoughts of waiting and "what ifs?". I wish I knew, but then again the surprise of Isaac is one that I could never have wished to be any different. The waiting and longing draw us close to Jesus, as there is no one else who knows what the plan is. We trust him with everything, He gave us our son who was perfectly hand chosen to be in our family, and I know he will also perfectly plan out the arrival of our next baby. So as I try to keep a little of Isaac's baby-ness around, or you see me gazing longingly at a stranger's baby, don't blame me, we have no idea how long until our next one will come. Jesus does know, and for now that will be enough. My Saviour, who created me, who knows me inside and out, will choose our child and will bring them home when He is ready and when the time is right...just remind me of that while I pack away Isaac's diapers and bottles ;)
He fell asleep with his bottle in his mouth, when I took it out he was frozen in this position :)

Playing with his bowl hat and plastic knives

All set up with his drums playing along to the classical version of Peter and the Wolf

Working with us in the garage, little did he know we were building his Christmas present!!

Mommy and son date to the muttart conservatory 

After stating their love for each other, I caught this kiss on camera!

Reading with his cousins!!