Saturday, January 12, 2013

Having the time of our lives

As we settle in post-referral, we are nesting, preparing and well we are having the best time doing it. I did not think I'd ever get to have a nursery, but here I am preparing one. I did not think I'd ever get to breastfeed, yet here I am preparing too. In our wildest dreams we did not think we would get to have a baby, yet here we are waiting for him to come home. We are so blessed. Not a day goes by when I don't think about our son and how lucky we are to have him. We don't take this gift for granted because we know all too well how it feels without it.
So here we are, living it up, get ready to bring our son home. His room is coming along, not finished yet as I am afraid if I finish it too quickly I'll run out of things to do! I'm pumping now every 2-3 hours so that is taking up a lot of time as well and Arnie is renovating the kitchen hopefully to be done in time to go to Ethiopia. We are anticipating this trip, our son, with such excitement it is hard to wait. So to pass the time, this house has become a project of renovating, painting, organizing and cleaning.