Friday, September 13, 2013

15 months old

Well a month has gone by, I've been meaning to blog here and there but lately Isaac has needed me...a lot. He is growing into his toddler body and mind which means he has become very demanding :)

At 15 months you like to play:
-you still play mostly independently but you are starting to be more aware of others
-you notice when another child is over and they play with one of "your" immediately go over and start whining to have it, we are working on sharing!
-you love to be outside in your little playhouse slide and pool
-you love the swing at the park and the little driving wheels
-you enjoy bike rides and never complain about going in the chariot
-you still don't watch TV so we try to occupy you with other types of play, it's been so nice out so you have gone to the park many times to play with friends!
Adoption Playgroup!
At 15 months you sleep:
-you have had a few sleepovers with your cousins and friends
-you still sleep in our bed (we aren't ready for you to leave yet;)
-you have started to fall asleep facing me and snuggled right up next to me instead of your usual facing away from me...I really enjoy this time we have together
-you still fall asleep faster for Daddy but you actually enjoy bedtime as we always stay with you until you fall asleep so you have nothing to be afraid of
-you love to fall asleep in your ergo still which was great when we went to a wedding, we put you in your car seat and stayed out until 1030 (you know your parents when...)

Sleep over with cousins Rollie and Oli
Asleep at your first wedding...your so good to us
With your Ethiopian friend, Eli

At 15 months you say:
-NO (ugh...this one is getting tiring)
-Wee (for the slide)
-alma (apple in Hungarian)
-up (you spit on the p sound)
-ow don't do that (you learned that from biting me too many times!)

Every baby needs to have a bath in their sink at least once

At 15 months you eat:
-you still aren't picky but you have shown more interest in some foods than others. You don't really like raw lettuce but Daddy makes you eat it anyways!  You will eat spicy food, sour food and just about anything else. You made your first sour face at a cute!
-you love bananas so much that we can't leave them on the counter or you will beg for them
-the only issue we see arising is that you want everyone's food, if someone has something you want you will take it from them or at least try to!
-you still haven't had any sugary treats ;)
you love corn, bananas, peaches

 At 15 months you are developing:
-you are almost walking! You took your first falling step...we aren't sure it counts but you are getting close!
-you haven't grown too much in the last month but I can see some new chunk on your thighs which makes me very happy!
-you have started going on the potty! You poo every morning and every time we put you on the potty throughout the day you either pee or poo! Lately I have had to clean very few poopy diapers which is so amazing! We still can't believe you use the potty before you can walk!
-you are understanding a lot more words and Daddy has been speaking only in Hungarian to you which you are catching on to.

We continue to thank God daily for you life. Although this is a demanding time and you require a lot from us, we remind ourselves that a day will come where you won't need us anymore. You grab my fingers and make me walk with you wherever it is you want to go, sometimes I am so tired but I always get up and go...soon you will walk on your own and you won't need my hand to help you so I am enjoying it while it is here. You love being carried still and will follow me around saying, "up,up,up". We all feel very attached to each other...sometimes you reach for strangers which breaks my heart but it reminds me that attachment takes time. You love Dada and shout for him whenever you hear the door open, you also learned that Daddy drives a white truck, if you see one on the street you point and yell, "Dada"! You also love me, there was a time I wasn't sure you did...but you have made it clear that I am your Mama. We have a special bond, when I feed you your milk and rock you to sleep we have so many great moments...they always remind me of the first time I held were mine and always will be.