Monday, January 13, 2014

18 and 19 months old

I realized today that Isaac turned 20 months old. Wow! We have been busy so I'm combining 18 and 19 months in this update.

The funny things you say:
-you love to tell on people when someone has wronged you. You will come to Daddy or I and say the name of the person you had the issue with, pointing at them and crying
-you know a lot of Hungarian, we ask you to do things in Hungarian and you seem to be understanding. Every morning we ask you to go bring a diaper and you go to your room and grab the first diaper you see.
-you try to say every word we ask you to say. You are the cutest thing when you talk, you are loud and love calling out our names.
-My favorite thing you say now is "My Dada, My Mama" You don't say "My" about anything else. You don't like when we give each other attention and you run over saying "My Dada My Mama" and insist on giving us hugs and kisses.

Your favorite toys:
-You still love playing with anything that we are doing. You love to put your boots on and follow Daddy out to the garage. He gives you tools and you help him work. I have to save computer time for when you are sleeping because you can't handle watching me push buttons and you aren't allowed to.
-You are more interested in toys that make noise, you like your instruments and musical toys.
-You like to push your shopping cart around and collect things in it.

-You are very advanced in language. I'd guess you know and say about 50 words now which is about 5 times the average!
-You are able to focus on things for a longer time, I can now read through an entire book (sometimes) without you smashing the book closed a few pages in!
-You like to color, blow bubbles, climb and jump.
-It's amazing watching you, so many people make comments on how smart you are!

The naughty things you do:
-You don't like sharing your toys and holler at anyone who tries to take something from you.
-You try to get away with things we ask you not to do, like getting up from your chair and running around the house with food. Your pretty good at listening and when we give you a chance, you usually obey.
-Last week I was doing something in our room, when I went to find you, you were in the bathroom with a cloth diaper "cleaning" it in the toilet. You sprayed water everywhere as you put the diaper in and then threw it around. I was shocked but had a good laugh about it after!
-You love to get into things, if I turn my back for a second you seem to be into something! I don't blame anyone but myself for those things as you are just curious and are often copying the things we have done.

You are very outgoing and have a fun and playful personality. You are loud and active. You do everything with your full heart...just like your Daddy. You cry passionately, laugh at the top of your lungs and focus your attention fully on an activity you are doing. People really enjoy watching you because you are so full of life. You like to do everything with us, you never complain about going places with us but when you think you are being left behind you scream and come running. You don't want to be left out of anything and think you should be included in all our activities. We are very intentional about including you. Your Daddy always includes you. He lets you follow him around with tools, workout with him, shower with him, go to the bathroom with him, cook eggs with him, pretend to drive the car, basically whatever he is doing he will try to find a way to incorporate you. I also try to do the same. I'm picky about what I do without you, I try to keep it to a minimum and include you in most of my outings. We love having you around, you bring us so much joy! You really have made us a family. The three of us love doing everything together, we are truly blessed!