Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at Mosaic

Arnie and Stacy

Over the past two months, Arnie and I have taken up the role of Managers of the Winter Warming Centre at Mosaic. This is a program funded by the government and runs from November to April, just for the winter months. The goal is to keep people off the streets in the winter, give them a place to be while it's cold out and a ride to a shelter for the night. This has been the most challenging thing we have ever done, but it is worth it. This was a Christmas party put on by the Mosaic centre last week. These are a few of the people we have grown to know and love.

Keith, Rollie and Arnie


Rollie with his friend Vern

Christmas hampers made by a church for all the people at the party

Backpacks handed out to the people who don't have a home

Brad, Vicky and baby Oren

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 12 papers of Christmas

Well it seems I have spoken too soon once again. I received an email yesterday saying that Imagine did get my update in the mail BUT I have to update all my paper work!! I was only told to update my police checks, child interventions checks, employment letters and medicals. Well someone failed to mention the 12 other papers that need to be updated as well. Arnie and I were so frustrated I exclaimed, "It's like the 12 days of Christmas hahaha (in a very sad laugh) " to which Arnie sang, "and one test for H--I--V." We laughed in a tired, your kidding me right??, kind of laugh. The kicker is, we can't get a referral until all 12 (times 2 people) papers are completed. So I have been on the phone for 2 days booking appointments to get all our papers done. We need HIV tests, a list of papers notarized, Interpol police checks (fingerprints), two new reference letters, notice of assessments and some power of attorney  and such papers signed. I have an appointment booked for almost everyday next week! What a holiday! Plus my arm hurts from my Yellowfever shot today... I will stop whining now and look on the bright side, once these papers are done, we can get a referral any day!! I know the timing will be perfect so I will try to remember that when I am completing all this annoying paper work. I have a feeling I will get that referral, look at our child, and forget about all the pain it took to get me to them.

Today we went to the Mosaic Christmas party, we brought Rollie along. Arnie and I were grouching out from all the stress of our lives, when Rollie came in the car and turned it all upside down.
                                                        This is Rollie praising Jesus

                                                            This is Rollie praying.

Jesus reminded me of the verse in Matthew: And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." I thank Rollie for reminding me what the kingdom of heaven is all about: joy and love, simplicity and purity of a child. Thanks Rollie!

Monday, December 13, 2010

I spoke too soon (or cried too soon)

On my way to work today I looked over down town, I saw the building where my update was and I prayed. I asked that if there was any way, be it the paper falls on the ground and gets noticed or Anne has a thought she has to sign our update, could we get our update signed today. I wasn't praying in a desperate way but just asking if it fits with His will for us. A few hours later Arnie called me at work and suer enough the update was in our mailbox!!!!!!!!! I had tears in my eyes while I tried to compose myself infront of the patients. I am so happy, I can't believe God answered my prayers with a Yes!!!! My Christmas present came early, I am so amazed. Although this is not a referral, it puts us next on the list for a 4 year old. I am at peace once again that God is in control, that He has a good plan and that nothing can stand in His way. I spoke too soon last night, if I only knew it was just about to land on my doorstep!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Update for Christmas

This year the only present I would like is our homestudy update signed by Anne Scully. You may think this is a simple request, but it feels like an impossible request. In July we started to think about changing our age request, we called our agency to find out what was all involved in this. Since our paper work was about to expire in November, we decided we would upgrade everything early. By the time we could actually get the social worker in to do our update it was October 1. We then waited until Nov. 1 to receive the signed and approved update from Christian Adoption. Since that date, the update has been in the hands of Anne Scully waiting for provincial approval. Everything waits for this approval, our age request will not chnge in the agency until they receive this update. It feels hopeless to write about this now. It is completely and utterly out of my control. I know that God has a plan and he has a perfect child waiting for us, but it is just so hard to wait for this update approval. I want to cry. I am praying it comes in time for Christmas, but I am not holding my breath. I guess I need to learn patience again for the 1000th time. I am trying to be victorious in this waiting game, but today I feel defeated.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

18 referrals this month!!!

The good news is in, there were 18 referrals in the month of November. This is incredible, we have not seen this many referrals in one month ever! As for us, we are still waiting for our provincial approval. I emailed Anne Scully this morning to check on the status of our update. I'm not sure if this will help or annoy her, but I thought it couldn't hurt. After all it is our update and it is taking FOREVER!! It is amazing how much patience is needed when you feel so close. I am reminded everyday to finish this race strong, to keep trusting God and to have faith. It seems it gets harder as it feels closer. We continue to pray for court dates and visas for all the referred families as well as more referrals...maybe with our name on it this time :)

Yesterday was our 19th month waiting since our dossier arrived in Ethiopia. I'm going to start a show...I think I'll call it 19 months and counting.... only it will be super boring and no one will watch it!!