Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 12 papers of Christmas

Well it seems I have spoken too soon once again. I received an email yesterday saying that Imagine did get my update in the mail BUT I have to update all my paper work!! I was only told to update my police checks, child interventions checks, employment letters and medicals. Well someone failed to mention the 12 other papers that need to be updated as well. Arnie and I were so frustrated I exclaimed, "It's like the 12 days of Christmas hahaha (in a very sad laugh) " to which Arnie sang, "and one test for H--I--V." We laughed in a tired, your kidding me right??, kind of laugh. The kicker is, we can't get a referral until all 12 (times 2 people) papers are completed. So I have been on the phone for 2 days booking appointments to get all our papers done. We need HIV tests, a list of papers notarized, Interpol police checks (fingerprints), two new reference letters, notice of assessments and some power of attorney  and such papers signed. I have an appointment booked for almost everyday next week! What a holiday! Plus my arm hurts from my Yellowfever shot today... I will stop whining now and look on the bright side, once these papers are done, we can get a referral any day!! I know the timing will be perfect so I will try to remember that when I am completing all this annoying paper work. I have a feeling I will get that referral, look at our child, and forget about all the pain it took to get me to them.

Today we went to the Mosaic Christmas party, we brought Rollie along. Arnie and I were grouching out from all the stress of our lives, when Rollie came in the car and turned it all upside down.
                                                        This is Rollie praising Jesus

                                                            This is Rollie praying.

Jesus reminded me of the verse in Matthew: And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." I thank Rollie for reminding me what the kingdom of heaven is all about: joy and love, simplicity and purity of a child. Thanks Rollie!


  1. Rollie looks like such a sweetie. What a frustrating thing paperwork is! Hopefully you'll get it all done before the New Year, and still have that referral early in Jan or Feb :)

  2. I'm glad God has given you Rollie to remind you during these tough times. We're working on the same paperwork updates before we can get a court date.

    Praying that as soon as IA gets your paperwork they'll be sending you a referral!

  3. Ah, same boat as us, Bekah....

    Can someone pass me a frickin' oar, 'cause I'm going up this creek without a paddle.

    I am still waiting on the crim checks, 2 reference letters and hubby's medical and CRA. Just did our fingerprints yesterday, which should take 72 hours. It's hubby's CRA notice that will take the longest. Good luck gathering what you need!!!