Thursday, December 2, 2010

18 referrals this month!!!

The good news is in, there were 18 referrals in the month of November. This is incredible, we have not seen this many referrals in one month ever! As for us, we are still waiting for our provincial approval. I emailed Anne Scully this morning to check on the status of our update. I'm not sure if this will help or annoy her, but I thought it couldn't hurt. After all it is our update and it is taking FOREVER!! It is amazing how much patience is needed when you feel so close. I am reminded everyday to finish this race strong, to keep trusting God and to have faith. It seems it gets harder as it feels closer. We continue to pray for court dates and visas for all the referred families as well as more referrals...maybe with our name on it this time :)

Yesterday was our 19th month waiting since our dossier arrived in Ethiopia. I'm going to start a show...I think I'll call it 19 months and counting.... only it will be super boring and no one will watch it!!


  1. Oh Rebekah I would watch it, lol.
    We are right behind you, and some days feels so close and then other days I feel so far behind, funny how your emotions change at the drop of a hat, lol.
    Heres hoping this month will be another record breaker!

  2. That is so exciting! Finally... I keep thinking about you guys and I hope Anne will get back to you. Next month?