Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Learning to Love

This is my buddy Shawn, he is staying with us for the week so people in his life can make decisions about his future. He is a sweet little guy, full of energy, a love for trucks and a will to fight sleep like I've never seen! He is teaching us to love. He is teaching us patience. We are learning about God's unconditional love,  a love that takes you as you are, picks you off your feet and begins to rebuild you. Shawn is a wonderful little boy and I am so thankful I get to love him for a week. This is a week of preparation for our life to come. I've learned that I may not have an instant bond with our child but that through choosing love, the feelings are sure to follow. We will be perfect strangers brought together by God's love, we will learn to love each other, reclaiming lost ground and building a future. I am also learning how selfish I am, especially at 4 in the morning! This morning he cuddled me and gave me a huge smile as if to say thanks for waking up with me last night. I am thankful for these little reminders that this lack of sleep is actually meaningful, now to remember this at 4am...that's the trick! 

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