Wednesday, October 16, 2013

16 months old

I always intend to update more than once a month, but I am finding that life is just so finally here is the 16 month update.

At 16 months you like to play:
-you are starting to make friends, you like your cousins and have started to learn their names
-you are starting to ditch your baby toys and play with more "grown up" toys
-you love water, we have started swimming lessons which you like to be a part of
-you love your puppies and really enjoy playing in their cage

At 16 months you sleep:
-not much has changed but you are teething which sometimes keeps you up at night
-your naps have gotten longer which has been great, you will sleep almost 1.5 hours now!
-we absolutely love when you fall asleep in our arms, sometimes you fight it which is hard, but other times you curl right up and fall asleep. I don't ever want to forget these moments so I a lot of sleeping photos on my phone ;)

At 16 months you say:
-hioul (Hungarian for bend over) you say this when you want off the potty, you bend over so we can wipe... it's ridiculously cute
-eper (H for strawberry)
-eni (H for food)
-ora (H for nose)
I'm sure there are more I am forgetting, you also understand a lot... you understand both English and Hungarian as Daddy and I speak both to you. You have started to try singing and sing the word "Na" which is also ridiculously adorable.

At 16 months you eat:
-you eat whatever we eat, you like to beg off others and can't stand if someone has something you don't . The other morning Daddy gave you a banana and ate one himself, you put yours in one hand and reached the other out to Daddy's, you cried and whined because you wanted both bananas!
-you still dont eat sweets but last night at family dinner you snuck a mouth full of  whipped cream, we all laughed at how much you enjoyed it!

At 16 months you are developing:
-you can walk now!!!!!!!! You started to take your first steps. You still like to hold a hand to walk but you are slowly working up the courage to venture on your own
-I took you in to get properly weighed and you weigh 19.1 lbs,  you are still pretty little but very healthy so we aren't too worried.
-you sprouted your 7th tooth
-you love to climb at play places and parks
-you also like to help me with laundry and dishes, handing me each thing one at a time!

You friend, Emerson(10 weeks old), and you. 

I feel I need a new category now... the naughty things you do!
As you are gaining your independence you are learning what you can and can not do. You like to squeal when we take something from you or pick you up from something you are doing. You don't like if another kid takes your toys and will yell at them if they do so. You also like to touch everything, if mommy or daddy is doing something, you insist that you have to do the same. You have tried out swatting a few times, but we don't let you get away with this. You know when we say "Sapen" that you need to tough nicely.

We took you to Ontario to see your family, you loves seeing your aunties and cousins. You loved the beach and building in the sand. We enjoyed our time at the cottage. You did great on the airplane, thankfully a fairly short flight.

Sometimes we still worry about attachment and wonder if you feel safe, if we are overwhelming you with people or if you are ok. You started calling strangers mama which broke my heart but you seem to be getting over that now. You call "MAMA" about 50 times a day and I love it. We pray for wisdom as we try and put your needs above our own desires. We have missed some swimming classes and playdates to stay home and lay low. We are trying our best and pray God covers our mistakes!

We love every single day with you, you are the cutest thing we have laid our eyes on. You bring so much joy and make us laugh continually. We praise Jesus for giving you to us as I write this I have tears from my gratitude. We are so blessed!