Monday, April 21, 2014

22 months

This entire month has been spent in Hungary, it was weird that he left canada at 21 months and came back 23 months old! I can't believe he is almost two! Isaac has grown so much over this past month, he is turning into a little boy... He's not a baby anymore!

At 22 months you say:
- you officially don't stop talking! You love to talk to people and tell stories. You use English and Hungarian interchangably and also like to throw in some gibberish! 
-you talk to mommy and daddy the most and say all kinds of things to us, "mama watch!" "Dada sit!" "Mama fix" "dada help" but the best words you said just two weeks ago, "I love you mama" melt my heart!!! You say it to us many times a day. I always got on your level and looked you in the eyes when I said "I love you Isaac" so sometimes when I look at you and catch your eyes you will say it to me first. 
-your using so many words now, since we were in Hungary you picked up a lot of Hungarian!!! We were laying in the bed when you looked out the window and in Hungarian said , "the pigeon left!" I put a shirt on you from the dryer and you said "melag!" Which means warm! You understand everything daddy tells you in Hungarian. Everyday I sit there and say, "how does he know that word!!!??" 
-you also memorize names. You have a lot of family in Hungary and you learned about 30 or more names. You'd meet people one time and remember their name the next time you saw them. You won over everyone's heart by learning not only their language but also their names. They couldn't stop talking about how smart you were! 
-you also like to sing, you have learned many songs and like to sing in the car, your favorite songs right now are "Jesus loves the little children" and " the wheels on the bus"
- I'm teaching you the beatitudes, you have the first one down and are working on the second. I'm hoping to have taught the entire passage to you by the time your 3... I think you'll learn it a lot quicker than that though!!

The way you sleep:
- you have blessed us with the way you handled travelling and an 8 hour time change. You took it all in stride and did the time change both ways within two days!!
-you slept in out bed and I always made sure to be around when you woke up
- when we say it's bedtime you never cry. You go around and say goodnight to whoever is there, take your bottle and my hand and walk to bed. We lay down and you have been falling asleep within ten minutes!

At 22 months you play:
- You finally got to go outside after a nasty winter at home. You played everyday outside and loved it!!! 
-you played alone in the sandbox for about 15 minutes on your was amazing!!
-one day I stuck a warm bucket of water outside for you to play in and you had so much fun in it
-you played with all your cousins and loved when you could boss the older ones around to do whatever you wanted.
-you splashed in puddles, fed chickens, rode on a plastic tricycle, pulled around a tracker and played in tonnes of sand!

You had a lot of fun this past month and I loved watching you play and run around!! I didn't have any distractions and could hardly talk to anyone so we spend a lot of time together, I wouldn't trade that time for anything! You grew very attached to daddy and would throw a fit if he tried to leave the house without you. You would grab you boots and run after him. You loved being carried around by him and riding on the bike on his back. You really became the best of friends over this month together. I loved watching you guys from the side lines, and I'm so happy you had all this time together! You two play nonstop, no one can make you laugh like your daddy can!!!

You are almost two and becoming a big boy. We are trying to be the best parents for you by loving you and disciplining you so you can grow up feeling safe and confident! Can wait for month 23 :)