Friday, May 30, 2014

23 and 24 months

My baby turned two!!!!! Can you believe it??!! The days sometimes seem long, but the years pass with a blink! This year has been the best. I was reminiscing about Isaac a few weeks ago. I was saying how much I missed him as a baby. As the day went on we decided to go for a walk. Isaac was so busy looking at everything and picking up pinecones. I was glad we weren't time bound so he could just enjoy himself. He kept saying "mommy look!" And running to me for hugs. He always says "I love you mommy" and gives hugs and kisses fairly generously... Somewhere near the end of the walk it dawned on me. When Isaac was a baby he didn't love me, but he does now. Why would I want to go back to that place of insecurity and uncertainty. Sometimes I would cry because I thought he didn't love me, but it's been a while since I thought that. I love that Isaac is 2, he is so confident and fun. I get cuddles that I didn't when he was smaller and he can tell me he loves me now. 

The funny things you say:
-you don't stop talking so it's hard to figure out what your new words are! There are so many! 
-you try to tell stories and often tell daddy about your day, the only way anyone would know what you are saying is of they had spent the day with you! You get excited and say some actual words and then start filling in with jibberish. It turns out to be one exciting story on your end and a very humorous one on ours!

How you play:
- we went to gymnastics drop in a few times and you loved it!!! Jumping, running, climbing, you could think of nothing better!!
- you are starting to play nicer with friends, specifically oli and jilly when it's just two of you. 
-your aunties bought you a jumpy house for your birthday and you have had many fun play dates on it!
-you like your push bike and are trying to figure out the peddles
-your favorite is helping daddy build the hobbit house outside. You follow him around with tools and pencils and he lets you help when you can!

The naughty things you do:
-I could go on and on in this section haha I'm learning that you figuring out your independence is not nesseccarily you being naughty. You want to try things and figure them out which often results in a large mess! 
-you still have a love/hate relationship with lily and like to try and put her in her place by yelling and flailing arms at her. You will always say sorry and attempt to give her a kiss
-you like pulling out the spices, dumping them out and then grabbing the broom to "clean up" for the record this is VERY annoying
-you like essential oils and have tried to pour them into my diffuser resulting in a large puddle of oils... Again very annoying :)
-you like banging the walls with your hammer, I'm thankful we have lots of distressed furniture that you are allowed to bang on!
-and while I realize these things aren't really naughty per say, I'm trying to find a balance of allowing you to explore and not allowing you to trash the whole house!!! Well welcome to having a toddler I guess!!

You are the joy in our family and we continue  to praise God for placing you here. Your everything we could've hoped for and even more. You light up a room with your presence and we continue to fall in love with you daily. Watching you grow has been the biggest blessing in our lives. You are our sweetheart :)
As far as your relationship with daddy goes, I'll have to get him to write you a letter... The two of you are glued together. He texted me yesterday and said "if I could take him everywhere with me, I would" he also said "I'm not sure why everyone said parenting would be so hard, my life has only been better" I hope you always know how much you are loved!!!