Monday, August 20, 2012

Right of passage

I just watched The Business of Being Born, a documentary on birth in America. I have been an advocate for home birth for a little while now, but watching this movie... I am sold. If I ever got the chance, this is what I would do. But this post is not about that...
In the movie, they use the term "right of passage", in regards to birth and a women's right of passage to deliver the way she was designed to. For some reason that term hit me in the heart, like I was being ripped off of my right of passage, that somehow I am not quite a women until I get to give birth. Feeling quite crappy after the movie, I ran into this...
and tears came...
To compare birth and adoption is not even possible because they are just different. One is not better than the other, they are just different.
To be called to adopt, to wait, to fight, to learn of the Father's heart of healing, restoring, attachment... maybe this is a "right of passage"?
You may wonder how I gathered all this from my friend's blog post above, but to see God so clearly calling someone to support adoption reminds me that sometimes God has a different plan for us. How dare I compare plans... and say I must have one over the other. Again one is not better than the other. It is so clear that Jesus has called me out, like a spotlight on a crowd landing on me. And although I am in the middle of the fight and haven't seen the outcome yet, my plan is still good. It is my "right of passage", it is the pathway I have been called to walk down, the one that has been set in front of me.
I hope if you are reading this and you live in Alberta, you will consider supporting the Spirit of Adoption foundation. It is important that we band together for those who have been chosen to walk down the path of adoption, because it is hard, it is different,  but it is just as important as everyone else's "right of passage".

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  1. You are right... one is not better than the other... and they are different... and adoption is soooo much harder and yet so important, it is a right of passage. Thank you for posting this and how it touched you! You are an amazing and Godly woman!