Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bonding, stress and everything in between

We have had our girl for three nights now, we are so happy with how things are going! She is a great sleeper and are only complaint is that she sleeps too much! We remember back to Isaac's first days and how much he slept as well, so we are not alarmed. Attachment is hard work for our kids so sometimes they sleep a little bit extra. Our daughter is doing great, we can tell she is starting to relax but still has some anxieties. She has taken to me and, when she is tired, is a little leery of daddy. During the day though, they have had lots of good play time where she has opened up. Arnie has been amazing, maybe I'll write a whole post about him, he will never give up until he has earned her affection. He could so easily sit back and take a back seat, but he has chosen to be right in there with me winning over the love of his daughter. There is no doubt in my mind, that she will feel safe with him in no time, but for now we are being patient. Isaac has been a great big brother (he'd wants to be called Big Brother, not Isaac). He kisses her and plays with her. We can tell this has also been a transition for him as he has started to reject me and cling to daddy. This has been really hard for me, if I am to be honest, as I have never in my life worked for someone's love as much as I work for his. I am trying to be gracious but my fragile, breakable, mama heart is feeling it. He wants daddy to put him to sleep and he wants to sit by him and be carried by him. We don't want to have a divide between the children so we are careful to swap when we get the chance. Please pray for all of us in this light, as we all get used to being a family of four. We have been laying low in our guest house. It is beautiful here and has been such a gift to our family. We could have not picked a better place to start our family of four. Most people only stay one night here, as this is more of a passing through town, so we have the days to ourself on the compound. We have a little pool and a nice little yard that we spend the days playing in. We feel safe and like we can relax here. We have been doing little workouts in our room as all we do is eat and play we are feeling quite lazy! Today is our last full day as tomorrow is court. We are scheduled to be in court for 145 and then we are  doing the drive back to Durban right after. Please pray for safety on this drive and for our kids as we journey back. Well the lady is awake so I will cut this short :) Pictures and details will come tomorrow after we pass court!

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  1. Here's hoping for a smooth court date & a safe drive back to Durban. I can't wait to hear more about your continuing adventures. You are all in my prayers!