Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day one.

Day one of the blog. September 4, 2010. Many people have been asking about our adoption and how it is going, so I am starting this blog to keep everyone updated. I have been prolonging this because I have been scared to start it too early and have everyone waiting for years, but the timing feels right. So stay posted as I share our journey thus far and our journey ahead.

Day one of our journey. March 24, 2008. We attended the International Adoption Seminar. We were told by Christian Adoption Services that we needed to complete this course in order to become adoptive parents. We found ourselves sitting amongst 10-12 other couples, clearly the youngest of the group, all after some form of international adoption. Everyone’s story was different, one man wanted to adopt his nephew back home in India, another couple with four kids already, were seeking to add one more to their family, some longing to adopt from China, some from Haiti and a few from Ethiopia. We listened to social workers and adoption workers talk about raising adopted children, the process and what to expect. Two families from Edmonton who had just picked up their children, both happened to be from Ethiopia, came to share about their experiences. I watched as the mothers held their babies, looking at them with awe, clearly enamored by their child. I have seen many mothers look at their children with love but this wasn’t just love, they seemed to say, “I can’t believe you are mine, how did I end up so lucky.” I was sold that day, I mean I had wanted to adopt since age 16, but now it was finally time. I left that day with my head in the clouds…my dream would soon come true, or so I thought anyways.


  1. Even though the course is required, it feels like such an amazing experience in itself! It makes it all feel so real and you see that your dreams really can come true!

  2. So glad you're starting a blog! It is a good way to chronicle your thoughts and struggles as you wait. It's also great to be able to look back after your babies are home for a few years, and recall the feelings and thoughts from before their arrival. Believe it or not - you forget the trauma of waiting fairly quickly. That's why people adopt for the second time ;)