Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Tomorrow I start training on my new job. I will be working at the Grey Nuns hospital on Unit 52, medicine/stroke unit. I am very happy and I feel so blessed to be chosen for this job...but honestly, I am completely stressed out. I always do this when I start new jobs, I did it all through school with every practicum....the night before I start I have a melt down. I am holding it together pretty decently but inside I just have so much anxiety. I try to talk myself out of it, but for some reason I am still scared. I haven't worked in the hospital for a year now so I feel like I have forgotten a lot. I know it'll all come back quickly but who wants to be that nurse, standing there looking like an idiot.

Anyways I will not vent too much... hopefully I won't be there too long :) and when I finally get to take my parental leave, I will have a good part-time job to go back to.

That and no more being chased down to my car... or pizza being thrown at me... or knives being pulled... or being sworn at because I can't prescribe narcotics... but those things still make me laugh a little. I will have lots of stories for the rest of my life.... oh and probably no more dressing changes on kitties :(

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  1. Praying for you. Tomorrow will be a good day !