Friday, June 24, 2011

Home again

Dad and I at the beach
I am home from Ontario, it was a good and exhausting trip. I enjoyed time with family and some old friends too. These trips are always bitter-sweet. I love seeing my family but after only 5 short days I had to say goodbye for another year. And of course it is never easy to attend a funeral of a friend.

Aunt Lois and I

But I am home now. I missed my husband way too much, so when I saw him at the airport I had to stop myself from crying in front of everyone.

My cute nephew Adan with a giant marshmellow!

As far as adoption news, we have seen some referrals being given which is always good news...but as far as us, I'm afraid we just wait...and when we are done doing that, we wait a little longer. Some days can get extremely discouraging, thoughts of not being good enough to be chosen or we are only getting older, can take over. I am trying though, trying to see the good, trying to find God...but sometimes I just feel beat up.

It's embarrassing to go back home and have nothing to tell my anxious family and friends, it's heartbreaking to make another trip to the cottage alone. I always say, "next year will be the year" and then next year comes and it is not it.

I don't want to have a pity party so I will stop, please remember us in your prayers and continue to pray for our children. Please pray for all their documents to come in quickly as it is possible that we are matched but don't know it because our children's documents are not all together.

My sweet niece Brooky (5)

My beautiful sister Emily and Adan

My step niece, Layla (7)

The three little ladies, Layla, Jenna (5), and Brooky

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