Sunday, June 10, 2012

Adoption Photoshoot!!

I havent written in over a month now. I don't have a good reason why, just that I am tired. I don't have too  much to say just the same old waiting and praying and hoping. I have been particularly exhausted with this whole adoption lately.
We did our three year update and then realized we needed an addendum done for our homestudy. I don't know why I was never told that we needed this, but we found out through the government asking if we were still proceeding with our adoption. I was so upset by this, more papers, more time, more money. I know it is a privilege to fight for my child but some days it is just hard. I thank my husband for his strength the past few weeks, he has really supported me through this.
So our social worker came and went. We had no changes except I had a new job. It was a quick visit, but yet a costly visit for what it was... but we are closer to our child, we have fought harder for our child, our love for our child has continued to grow.
On thursday, Arnie and I were privileged enough to get our pictures taken by our friend, Denise Bolen. SHe is an amazing photographer, we had been in conversation for a few weeks about doing an adoption photoshoot. I had been sad lately of all the photoshoots my friends have done of their pregnant bellies and all their beautiful family photos, so when Denise did this photoshoot for us I was so grateful. I get to have pictures too!!!! And they are so unique and one of a kind... and they mean so much to us. I am so proud of these pictures, proud that we get to adopt and proud of this journey we have chosen to take. Here is a sample of the shoot!!!


  1. Bekah,
    I absolutely love these pictures and what a fantastic idea!!!!!!!!!! I hope more photographers do this!!


  2. I love those photos. What a great way to be creative and make some great memories during the wait! Great job, Denise :)

  3. These photos are absolutely beautiful!!! This is something that every waiting adoptive parent should have the strength to do. I am in tears as I reflect on the painful journey that led us to our beautiful baby girl in January. I know this is hard to hear but believe me when I say that every tear shed is worth it when the child that is meant to be yours is placed in your arms for the first time. Your faith and strength are amazing and the people that follow this blog admire your courage. Your Chosen child is waiting for you...stay strong and fight this to the will be well worth it!!!!!

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