Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Huge Success

Well it is all over now, the sale went amazingly well! I am still blown away by everyone's generosity. I feel like I am still processing this weekend and all that happened. I catch myself thinking about it and realizing all the support that we have received. Honestly, I feel overcome by the blessings we received.

I want to thank everyone who was a part of the weekend, it was only possible because of all you gave. My garage was so full on thursday night from donations that we had to just throw a tarp over the remaining boxes and leave them on the driveway for friday morning. Thanks to everyone who donated to our sale. We continued to receive donations on friday and on saturday. I had a friend who kept dropping things off, one load didn't even make it to the driveway before it was sold!!!

Also I want to thank again all my friends and family who came to just help during the weekend. Even early on saturday morning the first person there was my friend who is pregnant and suffering from morning sickness! She drove in to town and was the first person to help set-up. I am blown away by people's kindness. I also had two friends from Bible College fly in for the weekend just to support us. I honestly don't deserve such a great community. I can't be grateful enough for all of you that God has sent to walk beside us.

You are probably wondering by now how much we made.... the grand total is somewhere around $3200!!!!!!!!!! I did not expect this at all... I am so amazed at God's faithfulness to provide and to go over and beyond what I dreamed of. Of that $3200, $600 was from raffle ticket sales for the quilt, which by the way is $100 over what I was hoping for as to cover the costs of making the quilt. About $500 was also made from the crafts that my sister had helped me with back in March. So that leaves about $2100 from the garage sale itself! The grand total keeps growing though. We kept some of the bigger items from the sale and put them on kijiji to sell. I have some people coming this week to hopefully take those items off our hands, this money will be added to the sale money as well. When all the items are sold, I will come up with a complete grand total!

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  1. That's awesome! It will be so exciting when that money can be used to purchase things needed for the orphanage :)