Sunday, December 23, 2012

A chapter closed, a chapter opened

A post from Arnie:

4 plus years of waiting and warring , and his name is Isaac. He has a face, a smile, and he is loved. Ive wrestled with not just the unfairness of adoption , of waiting and prayer, of children suffering , but the whole idea of taking in a stranger. God has chiseled off my edges and I've come out a little more defined and refined. More importantly though, I've learned over the last 5 years of my life who God is, what he's passionate about, and what my part in his kingdom looks like. God fights for each of us to become his heirs, and we inherit thru adoption that which we neither deserved , nor were capable of inheriting on our own. We are loved , fought for and his love which is undeserved is given freely. I've evaluated my part in the adoption and now see God's hand over my wife and marriage. I've had the privilege of fighting not just for Isaac, but for all of the oppressed, especially children. God has chosen the weak and oppressed, the marginalized and mistreated to be his favored ones. It’s a blessing to know that Isaac is favored, he was defended and fought for by the one who created him long before he was ever given to us ! I pray the day will come when we can hold him and show him in a tangible  way how loved he really is. But I know in my heart that the real battle has been, and will continue to be fought on or knees. I told Bek that the outcome doesn’t lie in being parents or in Isaac , but a passion for defending the fatherless and weak. This whole journey will be a selfish failure if our hearts aren’t changed , and lives don’t reflect it. If fighting for orphans is on our hearts , it must become a lifestyle, not just great ideology. I remember talking to a youth in our church at a retreat . His family has adopted 3 beautiful children . Our discussion was on the subject of what he wanted to do or become in this life; something tangible and realistic. And the first thing out of his mouth was that he was passionate about adoption. He talked about how much he loves his new family members and can t wait to go  down that road. I hope Isaac sees the value in adoption one day, and praise God if that passion comes at a young age. That family has clearly done something right!  But for now we continue to battle for little Isaac. The preparations seem to be endless and we love it. Our nephews pray for him daily, and recognize his picture already. Isaac has brought much joy to our family and friends. Now we patiently and passionately pray for his presence with us .

Phil 1 ; 3

Every time you cross my mind, I break out in exclamations of thanks to God. Each exclamation is a trigger to prayer. I find myself praying for you with a glad heart


  1. Beautifully written. I assume you are talking about Josiah here.... It warms my heart that adoption has touched my children this way, even though they have seen how difficult it can sometimes be, they know it is a blessing and have grown in ways that other children will never experience.

  2. I love your hearts - and how you both have allowed God to mould them and change them in such a beautiful way through this long wait. Looking forward to seeing what God does not only through you as parents, but through the children you raise.