Monday, December 3, 2012

And now we wait....just a little longer

The first question people ask me is, "So when does he come home?" Honestly, I really have no answer for this. I have seen court dates given as quickly as 2 months and some as long as 8 months. I don't know how long it will take for us. We think it will be closer to the shorter end because of certain paperwork logistics that we won't have to do, but we honestly can not predict what could happen. BUT this is what I do know; Isaac was hand picked to be our son. That before time began, he was chosen, we were chosen. I don't know when we will get to see him, hold him and call him ours officially. I'm not worried though. Jesus worked it out so far and I know he will carry us to the completion of this adoption. The story of Jesus sleeping in the boat in the middle of the storm has been one I have often referred to. I was reminded today of why Jesus was able to sleep in the boat. He had a plan, he knew the end result. He planned Isaac, he knew he would be ours and we would be his. He knew the day he would be born, the day we would receive our call and he was at peace. He could rest because he knew he had figured out the best plan for us. We now know the first portion of that plan, we know who! But now we wait a little longer. I hope though, that I have learned what trust looks like. I hope I can sleep in the boat, to rest in the storm of waiting, the unknown. My only answer is that although I don't know when Isaac will come home, Jesus does. He has a plan and it's good. So please pray for us as we wait, that Jesus would prepare us to be good parents, that he would get ready our hearts for this little baby and that we would wait patiently. Everything in me just wants him home, but more than what I want, I want what Jesus has in store for us. This is his plan, it always has been and so it needs to finish this way. It is not about us, but about the one who gave us this gift. Thank-you everyone for your prayers to bring Isaac home, I know God will listen. Please pray over our papers and Isaac's papers. Pray for a court date but also pray for God's will to be done!


  1. Hi,
    I just read your referral story and wanted to say congratulations!!!!! I am not sure if you remember us but we met you both in Edmonton just before your meeting with Gordon & Dianne. praying for you and a speedy court date!
    Riley& Candra Sexton

  2. I love reading this!! Such happy and excting times!! I am praying often for a speedy court date for you...I know how hard this wait is, too! Can't wait for the announcement and news of travelling, but yes! God is in control of this too! If there is anything I have learned thru this whole long and painful process it is that God is good and God is love and God is PERFECT and I LOVE that yes!! before time began God had Isaac for you guys...and you guys for Isaac. Love love it..Love how He "dances over us with singing" and fills our lives with His blessing. Praying!! darci