Wednesday, August 7, 2013

14 months

I am writing this a few days early... I have time now so I want to make sure I get it done!! Again the time is flying past, I wish we could make it slow down somehow :)

At 14 months you like to play:
-you figured out how to go down a slide. We went to Cafe o play and you figured out how to crawl up the baby slide stairs, get yourself in seated position at the top and then push yourself down the slide. A friend brought you over you very own slide which you love playing with in the backyard!
-you also love being driven in cars. Daddy bought you your first car and you love climbing all around in it. You figured out to motion and call out to me to pick you up, once you are in my arms you point and call for me to put you in the car! Smart little boy!
-you love playing in your pool
-you have gotten a lot more brave and will crawl all over the yard now. You want to crawl at the park and climb on things.

At 14 months you say:
- today you learned the sign for snack, I showed you once then a while later asked if you wanted a my surprise you signed the word after only being shown one time and hours earlier.
-your cousin Dakary was here for two weeks visiting, you learned to say Duck and sometimes call her Guck!
-When I say silly face, you close your eyes and make the cutest little face
-When I say angry face you frown and shake your head like you are stressed out. We laugh so hard when you do this as we have no idea where it came from!
-we think we heard you say "no" but not sure if it was an accident

Silly face

Angry face

At 14 months you sing:
-We sing "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" When I get to that line you shake your finger and try to sing but your words come out "dadadada"
-you fall asleep to Jesus Loves Me or any hymn I can remember the words to
-Pat a cake
-sleeping bunnies

At 14 months you sleep:
-one to two naps a day of about 1 hour each
-12 ish hours a night
-you have been waking up twice for water, you drink it and fall back asleep

At 14 months you have grown:
-you now weigh 18.8 pounds
-you have been especially whiny lately... and then we noticed a tiny white spot on your gums! Your growing your 5th tooth!
-you have been doing more standing for a few seconds on your own, but you don't like to do it
-you turn yourself around at the top of the stairs and go down them! Again, Dada showed you one time and you learned how to do it!

At 14 months you like:
-your mom and dad. You have been showing us more and more affection lately...putting your head down on our shoulder, hugging us and kissing us. Just tonight you were in the tub with Daddy when you pointed at me to come to you. I came over and you leaned over the tub to kiss me on the lips! You did it five times. I had tears in my eyes, I can't believe you are showing us this kind of love already. You are such a brave boy to trust us the way you do. You now cry if you see me leaving the house, I rarely leave and if I do it is to run a quick errand usually. We honestly can't get enough of your cuddles, kisses and hugs, we cherish everyone you give.


  1. I love it! He sounds like he is doing amazing. And you sound like you are finally home.

  2. Those unexpected hugs and kisses are the best! Wait until he learns to say, "I love you!"


  3. I love these posts! What a gift you are to each other!