Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Isaacs mosaic aunties

We had the privilege of going out for dinner with some of our favorite people. These women have prayed for Isaac since before he was born... and finally it was their chance to meet him. If only Isaac knew all the love that was at our table tonight...and maybe he could feel it as he sure was showing off for the ladies this evening!
These are the ladies who run the Mosaic Centre, the place Arnie and I volunteer. They have hearts of gold. On our drive home, Arnie says, "Why do you have a big grin on your face, what are you thinking about?" My response, "Those ladies just make you feel like a million bucks." I think when you spend all your time serving others, you end up looking like Jesus. I look at these women and their faces glow, they are truly beautiful in every way. Arnie and I have always looked up to them, he has said on many occasions that he feels they are his mentors.
I won't give all the props to them, of course they wouldn't want that. I truly believe that a love like theirs is given by God. It is because of His love to us that they are able to love others as they do.
We had such a good night. We are humbled by the way they care about us. They have seen us through many of the ups and downs of the last couple years, but there we were tonight...watching Isaac...finally seeing the reason we waited. At the end of the night he leaned in for kisses from them, they deserved every one.
We love you ladies and can't wait to be a part of Mosaic again!!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your son and your joy with us. The faith and heart for Jesus that you and Arnie share with the world, and now with your son, continue to inspire me.

    I feel so blessed to be considered one of Isaac's 'mosaic aunties'. He truly is beautiful!

    God bless your family. Enjoy every moment!