Thursday, July 11, 2013

At 13 months

I have been trying to find some time to update my blog but it seems time is a precious commodity these days. So before this boy turns 14 months I am finally writing his 13 month old update!!

At 13 months you like to eat:
-blueberries, strawberries, cherries
-pasta and breads that you can hold yourself
-baby mum mums
-plain oatmeal and greek yogurt with pureed fruit mixed in
-things that are chopped
-you still eat chewed food from Dada's mouth as sometimes you need your meat pureed still (I know gross, but when you need a quick grind, it's just too convenient)
-"protein blasts" after Dada works out (sometimes with you on his back) he takes you inside for a protein blast, usually cottage cheese
-you share a banana with Daddy every morning before he goes to work
-you still eat anything we give you (no sugary things yet) and we are so grateful for this!!
-you drink 15-20 ounces of breastmilk a day and you love it!

First time at our park, loving the swing
At 13 months you like to play:
-with your puppies, you climb on them and whollap them on the head while yelling...we try to teach you to be "nice" to them and pet them, but you get so excited you just want to hit them
-outside, you don't like grass and do the funniest crawl but you love to sit on a blanket or the big swing and just climb
-you love your baby pool and going in the hot tub
-in your jolly jumper
-with pots and pans, things that go in the recycling bin, things that bang and the dog cage
-you are starting to get a little more interested in toys, especially ones that make music, you have been playing a little more independently with your toys
-you play with cars and make a broom broom noise, you will pick a car out of a pile of toys and start to drive it!!!

I love to make us matching so everyone knows you are mine!

At 13 months you say (in addition from the words at 12 months):
-Baba (baby)
-Pup pup (puppy)
-poo poo (you say this when you are pooing)
-anana (banana)
-you sign the word milk
-you love to scream and squawk with joy especially when Dada is playing with you!

At 13 months you like to sleep:
-12 hours a night (unless you decide to throw a 4am party)
-2 naps of 1 hour and the pas two days 1 nap of 1 hour
-you nap in your crib and sleep the night in our bed
-you roll around and love to kick Dada, you tend to roll onto his side and love to touch his arm or poke him wit your feet... makes Mama jealous ;)
-you still like to be rocked to sleep but you recently have started to to fight it more than you used to so we cut out a nap and you seem to go down easier
-we are always there when you wake up and you are seeming to be more confident that we won't leave you everytime you see us when you wake up

At 13 months you like:
-all I can think of is: your life. You are mostly content and if you aren't it's either you are hungry, tired or bored of a particular thing you are doing. You rarely just cry and it is easy to make you happy again. You just really enjoy your new life, your new family, cousins, grandma, papa, puppies, house... and everything else. You are really attaching to us and know when you want to be picked up, snuggled, played with and held. You are starting to ask for what you need, we remind you to say please when you are whining and you will quickly correct yourself to sign please instead of whining.

At 13 months you don't like:
-waiting for milk
-sharing with other babies
-honestly there is not much you don't's one of our favorite things about you. You are easy going and content in most circumstances, as long as one of us is with you, you seem to take on the world with great joy :)

Developmentally you are growing fast. Since being home you have gained 1.5 pounds which is about 0.5 pounds a week. You are now up to 17.5 pounds which is great!! You were 15 pounds when you first arrived in our arms. You can now pull yourself up on furniture and walk around it. Your crawl has increased speed and you held yourself in a standing position for one second without help! We are so excited for you to be developing like this, but we are also wanting you to slow down just a little:)  After all you are still our baby!

We couldn't be more blessed to be your parents, you are truly a joy to have in our lives. We LOVE having you around and really like who you are becoming. You make us laugh all the time with all your cute things you do. You love to copy us, especially everything that Daddy does. Everyday we thank God for you, we are well aware that he did not have to give you to us but from His heart of love and compassion, He choose to.


  1. Love these updates! He is doing so well! Can't wait to meet him next week!

  2. Love the update!! It is amazing how quick they can pick things up!