Sunday, November 17, 2013

17 months old

Isaac has taken some huge leaps forward this past month. He has really started to become a little independent boy, knowing his likes and dislikes!
Today we went to the occupational therapist for an assessment through the adoption clinic at the Royal Alex hospital. I wasn't sure it would be worth going as I know Isaac is doing well and I really have no worries about how he is doing developmentally, but it was great to see him go through the testing! He did so well, the OT had him do a lot of copy cat games and I had no idea if he would go for it but he did! Every little game she had him do he would copy her and complete it. She was very impressed with were he was at and said he was up to par with where he should be at 18 months. Can you believe it????  Only 6 months ago this little baby was acting like a 6 month old, hardly able to sit up, unable to crawl and definitely not using his legs. I knew he could do all the games but at times he really did surprise me. She brought out a ball and showed him how to kick, to my amazement I watched as he walked up to the ball and not only kicked it but said "kick" as he did it! It's just all really amazing to me.
I had a moment in the car later on, just sat there bawling. It all hit me, God's grace, his protection, his favor. I prayed so hard for this boy before he was even born, I prayed even harder once I saw his face and knew he was waiting for us. I specifically prayed that Jesus would cover the time we were away from him, that he would watch over him. And it dawned on me in that moment that looking at Isaac today, it's like he was never in an orphanage at all. I often think of him when he was a baby just laying in his crib. It breaks my heart what my son had to go through in the most vulnerable year of his life. But today I realize all that Jesus protected him from and how far he has come since being in a family. It really floors me what love and a family can do. It's just a beautiful design. I was looking through some of our first photos of Isaac, when Arnie held him for the first time. He was looking right in his eyes like somehow he already trusted him, yes we had to earn his love, but I feel that God was preparing him for that.
So onto the little update...I'm changing some of the categories as I can't sit and list all his new words because there are a lot and some have stayed the same.

At 17 months you like to play:
-you love to run and climb, you insist that you should walk everywhere we go
-you still love things like little bottles with product in them, your toothbrush, packaging, spoons and lotion
-as far as toys you now like to throw them around and think that is pretty awesome
-you literally want everything we have, we try and let you be a part of what we are doing as we think the best toys are real life hands on things.
-you like things that play music and love to sing and dance

At 17 months you say the silliest things:
-you have so many new words and you are starting to string words together like: "more snack!"
-you say "ah-de-da" which means "give it to me" in Hungarian. You make us laugh with this one! You told the OT to give you the marker she was holding, she had no idea but I knew what you were saying!
-you also like to say "an-ge-da" which means "let it go" in Hungarian. You walked up to Daddy and looked at the pens that were hanging in his work pants pocket, you quicked yelled at him to let them go as we often say this to you when you are grabbing pens!
-your singing is so beautiful, you have been trying more and more to sing. You love the song "If your happy and you know it", you grab my hands and say happy so I will sing the song, everytime I sing the word happy you open your mouth and lip sing the word!
-the Dr said you should know 6-10 words, we told her you knew 11 in Hungarian and about 30 in total, she was amazed at that!
-I find that when you start to love someone, you learn their name. You say the names,  Papa, ungle(uncle), annie (aunty), Bobby, ma (grandma), Annie Yoyo (aunt lois), Booky (brooky), Addie, Oli, Rollie, Audrey, Emmy, Nunu (Nini), Gucky (Dak), and of course you most favorite to say DADA!!!!! (Mama too:))

At 17 months you weigh 20lbs, wear 6-12 month clothes and size 3-4 shoes. You love to wear your puppy slippers and will often wonder the house in a diaper and those slippers.

My favorite moments recently were:
-I rocked you to sleep a couple nights ago after a few minutes you puckered up to give me a kiss then snuggled into me and fell asleep, I was so shocked that you did that, it was so beautiful and kind.
-you have been working in the garage and working out with Daddy, he lets you follow him around and go on his back for push ups or take some tools to "fix" things.

The naughty things you do:
-you decided to be like the dogs and lap out of their water bowl...I just can't convince you it's yucky!
-you like to pull kleenex and wipes from their box as well as unroll toilet paper
-when I try to rinse your diapers in the toilet you like to take the opportunity to dive your hands in the water which is so disgusting and results in a lot of cleaning!
-you still love to squawk for things you will correct yourself with the words, "help" or "please" but we have to remind you a lot ;)

We love you so much, we love laying around playing with you. You are so fun and full of life! You really have lighten up our lives :)

We did a little fall family photoshoot! 17 months old in these pictures and just figuring out walking alone!


  1. Wow, what beautiful photos!! We should use them to update your blog design :)

    Nikki - blog design to support my work in India, fostering 7 children with special needs

  2. Hi Bekah, I've loved reading through your journey and story and I can relate to so much as my husband and I are adopting from Ethiopia - possibly with the same agency. We're expecting to hear about our court date any day now, and we're hoping to do the long stay. I have lots of questions about packing for an infant. Would it be possible to connect so I can ask some questions? Not sure which option below is best for leaving my email.

    Thank you and Happy New Year!