Monday, January 10, 2011

Documents arrived, but we still have more waiting

This is just a quick update. Our updated documents arrived on friday (I paid $30 to have them arrive wednesday, so a little choked, but I guess I need to let that go). I thought they would just send the papers to Ethiopia, but this was my response I received in my emails this morning. "Jo Ann will now prepare your statutory declaration and it will be sent to Ottawa and Toronto for legalization and authentication.  Once we have it back, your updated dossier will be on its way to Ethiopia." And how long do you think this will take, well your guess is as good as mine, besides the fact that I don't even really understand what they are talking about! So I think I can lay to rest the expectations of a phone call any time soon. If anyone knows the time line of this process, could you let me know? Again I am trying not to be frustrated with the fact that all of this could've been done a long time ago and just trust that God knows how long all of this will take, His timing will be perfect.


  1. It took us 8 days when we did it 2 years ago, but they had told us to expect 2-4 weeks. Hopefully, you will have a quick turn around!


  2. I think ours took 2 weeks, and then one more week for it to get to Ethiopia by courier. But I do know some people that have gotten it quicker.


  3. Oh that is way better then I thought!! I just tack on two months when something has to do with the government!! Thanks