Saturday, January 8, 2011

Waiting on The Call

This morning in our house:

Arnie: Ok I'm going out to shovel the snow, watch my phone

Rebekah: Why?

Arnie: In case we get "the call"

Rebekah: Oh right, on it! We better program the number in so we know if they call too! We are kinda pathetic aren't we?

Arnie: I'll just bring the phone with me

Yes, I realize how pathetic this is, but every time the phone rings I get this serge of adrenaline. I realize that it will probably be months from now that we get the call, but somehow I can't stop the thought, "what if it's the call", every time I hear a ring. I thought I was the only desperate one until this morning, when Arnie told me to watch the phone haha, now I know we are both in the same place of desperation. 75% of our conversations are about our child, going to Ethiopia, parenting, decorating a child's room, naming our child...etc etc. It is pretty much non-stop between us. I love knowing how excited my husband is, I love doing this together! I was watching my nephew, laughing and playing with him and Arnie asked if I secretly just wanted to get pregnant. My response: "No way, I want my chocolate babies more than anything!" To which he said, "Good, me too." Although this journey has been a hard one, full of pain and heartache, God had brought Arnie and I together. He has called us to something different, to something awesome and I am so happy He chose this path for us. At times I thought I had been cursed with infertility, but I know that I have truly been blessed with infertility. I would not have needed God in the same way, I would not have needed my husband, family and friends in the same way...and I would never get to have a chocolate baby!! Sometimes our "curses" are actually our blessings, we just have to learn to see it that way


  1. I am so glad you are back to waiting for the call!

    I can't wait to join you in the land of 'jumping at every phone call!'

    Here's to happy news!


  2. Can't wait to read your post about "Your Call". I can't wait until we all get "The Call".


  3. I can hardly wait to hear too!

  4. What a beautiful perspective, Beka - to see our curses as blessings. It's such a wonderful relief to come to the place of seeing infertility as a blessing. I can completely relate!

  5. I know that you are currently on a blog fast/internet adoption related fast, but when you get back, I'd really like your permission to re-post this on It's beautiful and I think it would help others. Please e-mail me at and let me know. Thanks!