Saturday, January 1, 2011

Visit to BC

We are in Vancouver for  a week visiting my sister, brother in law and niece. It has been good to have a break from our way too busy lives, no worries, no stress, no responsibilities! Unfortunately it is going by way too fast. On the adoption front, we are still waiting for our fingerprint results, then we can send all our papers in. After they will send them to Ethiopia, and when they arrive we will officially be ready for referral!
A visit to the Lighthouse Park 
My beautiful niece Dakary
My sister, Amie and husband, Jared

The Lighthouse


  1. Hey Bekah!

    We live 35 minutes from Vancouver. Are you still out here?
    Hope your fingerprints are back when you get home. We did ours on the 22nd electronically and they were in the mail when I picked it up on the 29th.

    Hope you are enjoying BC. It was pretty cold yesterday here, but the clear blue sky was gorgeous!!!


  2. Thanks for your comment. i am sure your prints will be in the mail when you get home. Next time you come out, let me know. Yes, hopefully we can show off photos to each other! Then the next time, real live kids! Ha ha ha!

    Happy New Year!