Sunday, May 8, 2011


If I were to ever wish away a day, today would be that day….but if I would have wished away today,  I may have missed a day worth wishing for.
 I may have missed my nephew sing and dance.
 I may have missed my foster nephews run and play.
 I may have missed my beautiful Mother-in-law smile with joy as she watched her family playing together.
 I may have missed the heart felt card from my husband, who knew exactly what to say.
 I may have missed the joy and simplicity of just being with my family.
 I may have missed the deep longing in my heart, that is sometimes necessary to feel to truly know your hearts desires.
 I may have missed God’s love for me on a day that didn’t feel too loveable.
And I may have missed the dream, the dream of one day holding my own on today, squeezing them tight, with tears in my eyes as I remember all those past days that I ached for today.

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