Friday, April 29, 2011

This Week...

This week we are going to Mexico!! We decided a few months ago that we needed to go on a vacation. I am so glad we decided that as I feel this is one of the most needed vacations I have ever been on. We are spent, burnt out, tired and in need of some alone time.
Riu Jalisco, our destination of choice!!! In one day we will be a speck on the beach!
This week on Apr. 30, Winter Emergency Response will come to an end. Arnie and I have spent the last six months co-managing WER at the Mosaic Centre. I must admit that Arnie was there most of the time since I have been working so much lately. I'm not sure how to wrap up the last six months quickly, it was amazing, exhausting, worth every minute and draining. We made so many friends, built numerous relationships and now, tomorrow, it is all over. I am sad, but I knew it was time. We rarely had days off so we are tired, exhausted, but somehow there is a feeling of satisfaction. We spent ourselves on the outcast of society, the  marginalized people who need love. Arnie will be continuing at Mosaic, but he will be working part time in the day program...and we will be opening on Sunday nights cause we just couldn't bare to let it go!!

This week on May 5, we will celebrate our five year anniversary. Five years ago Arnie and I eloped. We gathered the family, headed down to the park and got married! Best decision I have ever made, other than to follow Jesus. Our entire dating period was spent with me living in Costa Rica working in an orphanage. We dated for 10 months before Arnie proposed. He came to pick me up in BC, after I got home from Costa Rica and proposed at the Harrison Hot Springs. We moved back to Edmonton where we were to live at his parents until we got married. On the monday after I moved in, I asked if we could just get married. Arnie was in complete agreement so arrangements were made and we got married on the Friday. Some may say we are crazy and a lot did say we were crazy...but when you know, you know. I've never regretted marrying Arnie, he is perfect for me and I am perfect for him!!

A picture from our reception in Sept.
This week two years ago on May 7, our dossier (file) landed in Ethiopia. It had taken us a year to find an agency, get our homestudy done and prepare all our docments. May 7 2009, our official wait began. We are praying that the wait will soon be over.

This coming week on May 8, Mother's Day will be celebrated. This has always been the hardest day for me. Since my Mother passed away when I was 6, I have not celebrated this day. I would sometimes turn it into Happy Aunt's Day, but it was never Mother's Day for me. I enjoyed making cards and gifts for my Aunt Lois but in my little head it truly was Aunt's Day. It has gotten harder recently as every year goes by and my longing to be a Mother gets stronger and stronger. Sometimes it feels like the world is mocking me on this day. My husband tries every year to make sure this day is not a heart wrenching experience, but try as he may, it just is. This year we will be flying home from Mexico on May 8...maybe things will be different.


  1. Have a great time on your vacation! I hope you come home very rested and rejuvenated! And yes, mother's day is very hard isn't it? I'm glad that you have Arnie to support you. :)

  2. Have a great trip! I'm so glad you have this to look forward to. I'm sure you and Arnie really need this time away.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Have a great time in Mexico. You and Arnie are an amazing couple!