Friday, April 22, 2011

Curse vs. Blessing

I have been listening to this song a lot lately (the one playing on my blog). The artist, Jason Upton, was adopted; this song is about his adoption. I was really listening to the lyrics today, I am so amazed at his view of his life and his adoption. I began hoping and praying for our child, praying that one day they will view their life in a similar way. I could only imagine that there will be times that my child could view their life in a negative way. Asking, "Why did this happen to me?"or "Why didn't my birth parents want me?" I can only pray that eventually one day, they can see their life as a blessing, that they will see God's plan in it all, and that they will marvel at God's grace and love. 

I have written briefly on this before, but I feel that I can relate to the idea of this situation with our infertility. I have, at times, viewed it as a curse from God, wondering why he did this to us. But as I grow and begin to unfold and see the plan that he had and has for us, I begin to view this as a blessing. I was telling a lady a little of our situation the other day and actually began to well up with tears when I started to talk about how lucky we are that we get to adopt. I spoke of how happy I am that God chose and allowed us to go down this route and how much I already love our little black son or daughter with all my heart. It has occurred to me that I need to start opening my eyes in every situation to try and find the blessing in the "curse". 

We continue to pray for our child and will till the day we die. I am praying today, that one day they will see their adoption as a blessing rather than a curse. That they will see God's love and compassion in their story and find healing in that.

Great River Road

I was born where the rivers run
Native blood runs through my veins
I was born where the eagles come
Waiting till the winter fades 

I was born an endangered son
I was spared by a mother?s dream
I was saved by the power of love
I was snatched from the fire of greed 

Great river road where justice rolled
Let it roll, let it roll down
Great river road where healing flowed
Let it flow, let it flow now 

I was born to an orphaned son
I was seed from a broken life
I was just like the other ones
Waiting on the other side 

I was born because freedom won
Mother sent me down the stream
I was saved by the power of love
I was snatched from the fire of greed


  1. What a blessing to come to the point where the curse (although it still hurts) is becoming a blessing. I've been reading Ann Voskamp's book called One Thousand Gifts - and she writes about this so beautifully. How God can turn everything into an amazing blessing when we can learn to be thankful in EVERYTHING.

  2. reading your post about Mother's day made me cry. It's hard to understand why God chose that road for you. I'm glad though to read how He is working in your life and allowing you to see blessing in it. May He continue to encourage you and fill your heart with His love and peace. Praying for you.