Sunday, April 17, 2011

Everything is lining up

It occurred to me yesterday, that somehow everything is lining up for us to go to Ethiopia. No, we did not receive our phone call we are waiting for, but God is bringing everything together in preparation of us leaving. Just when I start to loose hope, I realize that God just might be up to something still.

This week we gained two new roommates, my brother and sister in law! We had asked them to watch our house while we are in Ethiopia for six months, but they have decided to come early and to stay indefinitely. They love community, as do we, so they are sticking around for a while. I'm excited to have them!

Over a year ago when we decided to stay in Ethiopia while we wait for our child's Visa, we set a goal for the amount of money we would need in order to be able to stay six months. We included 3-4 round trip flights, emergency flights, house rental money, travelling around money, food, and fun money. We recently filed our taxes and thanks to a great government adoption allowance, me being in school and just starting to work and Arnie's surgery, we got a nice return! We thank God for this provision. We put it straight in the bank, and guess what, we reached our exact goal!! We originally thought we would need to sell our car, we actually tried to sell our car but for some reason it did not sell. Well, God has provided all that we need and we still have our car!

On a smaller note, I have a casual position at work, that has turned into a casual full time position. I am the only casual, so I cover for all the nurses when they take time off, which has resulted in an almost full time position. I am thankful for the experience, but I knew that I would not be around forever, so I asked if they would consider hiring another casual. They actually listened to my request and she starts next week. I will still get the first pick of shifts, but at least I can turn some down and know that someone else will pick them up. Also when I leave, she will have my position, so I am covered!

So, as you can see, we are ready to go! We aren't being hasty and planning on leaving anytime, it has just happened that all these things have fallen into place. I don't want to read into it too far or place expectation on when we will leave, I am just happy that all the stress is taken care of if the day ever comes that we get to go. It seems like that day is just a fairy tale, but I know my God is good. He is not cruel and although things may not turn out as we have planned, He has a better plan for us. He is orchestrating the whole thing. It's going to be great, just watch as my God begins to reveal his plan!!


  1. I am so glad things are coming into place for you! I have been calling MoT to no avail to try and find out where our file is. I hope I have some luck on Monday!


  2. So exciting.. I had a dream the other night, freakishly real, but I am trying not to read anything into it. Your Adoption Allowance, is that with your provincial government or federal?


  3. I was going to ask about that, too. I know we can get an adoption tax credit, but that is for after your child comes home.

  4. I think it is provincial. We can claim $10,000 per child per year up to a total of $20,000. I'm not sure what the other provinces do, but it is worth looking into!!

  5. Good to know about the tax credit - and good thing I've put off doing my taxes until I heard about this. Sometimes procrastination really does pay off! ;) I'm so glad to hear everything is coming together for you. And that picture of your brother... really is it any wonder Amara was scared silly when he came into your house unannounced? lol They look like a lot of fun!

  6. We were notified that we could only claim the tax credit once our adoption was complete...hmmmm...have to look in to that as we are just about to submit ours. If it is for AB only then we're out of luck until we can use the Federal one to our advantage :)
    Praying for you!