Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sitting, waiting, lingering in limbo. We have been here for many months. It's as if we are almost on the top of a mountain, but we are still stuck on the trial in the trees, with no view from the top. This place is a hard place to be, it is a frustrating place to be. Often we look back on the trial and wonder why we climbed so high only to make it almost to the top. Other times we keep our heads up and keep trekking forward. We often trip and fall, landing on our faces. Sometimes we will get up immediately and keep fighting, other times we will stay down to tired and weak to get back up. We are still fighting, we are pursuing forward with our lives, following God where he is leading us...but sometimes we wonder why we started to climb in the first place. We know that this is a place God wants us for now, but we can't help but hope for the day we can reach the top, look out and see the view; see what we have been climbing for this whole time. We have been searching for something to sell ourselves for. Yes, we have sold ourselves for Jesus, but we are longing for the day we can see what it is he is directing us to for the long term. Will we be here, will we be in Africa, will we have a family or will we go back to school...? I know that when the time is right, God will answer the's just not an easy place to be for the mean time. We won't ever give up pursuing God's heart, but I think it is ok to be 'real' on the journey.

Shane and Shane
Psalm 13 :

How long oh Lord will You forget me
how long oh Lord will You hide
hide Your face from me
how long must I wrestle with me
and everyday have sorrow in my heart
sorrow in my heart

I will wait on You
I will wait on You
I will wait on You

look on me Lord and answer me
give my eyes light or i will sleep in death
I will sleep in death
my enemies say "i will overcome him"
and my foes rejoice even when I fall
I dont want to fall

for I will trust in Your unfailing love
my heart rejoices in Your salvation
I will sing to the Lord