Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bringing the black into Csanad!

This is Noami with the black doll I brought her from Canada. Since I have seen only 2 black people in Hungary (and that was in Budapest) I thought I needed to start introducing black people into Csanad. It may seem small but honestly I have noticed a lot of comments about this doll. Surprisingly they have been good comments! They think she is cute or pretty and are shocked to see a black doll. I think this is a good way to start before actually bringing our child here. People can have time to see that this is a doll just the same as all the white ones, just a different color. I was excited to bring the doll and I am glad I did! Next time I hope it will be our child!


  1. Bekah, I hope next time it will be your child too! What a precious gift this doll is to this child and bringing your child with you to Hungary next time will have a huge impact as well!

  2. Bekah it all started with Aunt Lois who bought you a black Cabage Patch Kid when you were little!

  3. Very good idea. We did the same thing last year. At first people were surprise (yes, unfortunately) but it open the door to a lot of discussion and today no one notice the black doll, she is part of the "doll's family".