Thursday, August 11, 2011

From Hungary

Well we arrived in Hungary over a week ago and the time has flown by. We are living with close cousins while we are here for the month in Csanad, Hungary. So far, I am really enjoying my time. It is a lot different then home, but I expected that!

Csanad is a small town about 2 hours out of Budapest. Mom and Pops both are from this town. They are the only ones in the family who have ever moved away from Csanad. This means that I am related to about half of the town! We have never ending lunch and dinner invites, it has been really great to meet everyone.

We have loved staying with our cousins Gabi and his wife Eronca. Arnie and Gabi have been inseparable since we got here. It is so funny to see them together, they are so similar it is hard to believe they don't live in the same country. My husband is pretty much 100% Hungarian here, he speaks just like them and they keep saying he almost speaks better Hungarian then Pops. I don't think I realized just how Hungarian my husband is, he is right in the middle of everything. He goes with Gabi everyday to pick weeds and feed the animals and acts as if he has lived here his whole life. He even sometimes tells me to stop being so Canadian...not sure how to do that!! Today he started talking about building a house here that we could come to every year...I'm not so sure I will agree to this. However, it makes me so happy to see him in his element. He loves being here and has had so many meaningful conversations with all of his family, I've enjoyed just watching him be Hungarian!

The one thing about our family here is that they are all Nazarine. Their church is very strict and has a ton of rules. Arnie has had so many talks with the cousins our age about their traditions and rules. He has provoked a lot of thought and some of the guys are taking seriously the things he is speaking about. I did go to church on Sunday, but I did not wear a head covering and I snuck into the balcony and sat beside Arnie for half of the service. I haven't decided if I will go back or not. The only good thing that came of it was when Arnie started to speak up a few of his cousins when we were out in the courtyard. Mostly, they are not sure what to make of anything that comes from Arnie's mouth...but I think he has encouraged some beginning of thought.

Besides church, we have had a great time meeting everyone. Life here is great. Slow. Laid back. I can breath. oh and my phone is not here...

A wagon ride pulled by Gabi's horse

Soccer, some how we are related to all these guys!

I will post more pictures later, it just takes a long time. We have about two and half weeks left. I thought the time would go so slow. I honestly did not know what we would do for an entire month, but I can see now that this month will be gone before I even know it!! But I know we will be back, my husband is pretty much full Hungarian now so he will need to come home more often haha!!

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  1. It's almost creepy how similar Arnie and Gabi look!!!