Thursday, February 2, 2012

Praying for my friends

Today is hard.

As another adoption agency, CAFAC, has to close their doors due to financial strain, I am overcome by the grace of my Father, who a few years back picked us up out of the ashes and restored our hope. I pray for these families and shed tears for them too. Some have waited longer than us for their children and now they are being told the door will be shut.

I hope and pray and trust that God has a good plan in it all. I emailed and phoned the ministry to advocate for these people. Although I do not know them personally, I know all too well the feelings they are going through.

Over two years ago when our agency went bankrupt, we thought we lost it all... our money, our time, our hopes and dreams... mostly though, our family. Oh, but in the midst of the despair...God whispered to me, "I've got it." And he did not lie! Months later our agency was restructured, through the grace of forgiveness by many collectors, we were able to continue on our journey. This has never been done before... but God just smiled and said, "Nothing is impossible for me." So in the same tone as I had two years ago, I will cry out to him on behalf of my friends whose hearts are broken today.

This adoption thing is not easy. It is not for wimps. But one thing is certain, Jesus loves adoption. He adopted me into his family!! And so with that I will fight for these sweet children to come home as I continue to fight for my own.

It seems he works best when everything else seems hopeless. Today, I thank him for what he has done for me and I ask him to do the same for these families today.

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  1. So, so sad. And so unnecessary! Hoping and praying that at least the families who were in process will also be able to continue. But also so sad that Canadians cannot adopt from Ethiopia any more unless someone else takes the risk to start up another program. The enemy is on the rampage against adoptions, that is for certain. I'm sure that this is bringing back a lot of feelings and memories for you.