Monday, April 2, 2012

April: a month of discipline

Inspired by a friend's "month of torture", Arnie and I are doing a month of discipline. Our plan is to have a month of health and productivity. Our goals are to read our Bible everyday, workout 5 times a week, eat healthy daily (which includes drinking water ), and do one other activity everyday like running the dogs or yard cleanup.

Today is day one! I'm excited to do this challenge as I have had some goals for a while now that I just needed to implement, like drinking water. I don't really like water and would way rather drink something else, so this might be hard!

Our goal is to not do this for ourselves but for the glory of God. I feel that our physical bodies are directly connected to our spiritual bodies. When I am healthy I have more energy, more energy to pour into people, a better mood, less illness and a general joy about life. God has asked us to take care of our bodies and so I feel that we need to do that. Laziness just robs us of a joyful life. There is a time to rest but resting requires that you did some sort of work to need the rest.

 I'm excited for this for so many reasons! Intimacy with Jesus is so needed and needs to be my priority, so I am excited for that! Also very excited about all the husband time I am going to get! Oh and I'm also excited for some more energy, always welcomed in my life!

We will see if I am still this excited in a week, but I am planning on being faithful and following through on my commitments!


  1. Sounds like a great idea - especially to do it together! I like adding a slice of frozen, organic lemon to my water - it just gives it some flavour. Actually, drinking warm water with (unfrozen) lemon in the morning about an hour before you eat is wonderful for your metabolism and helps clean out your body. I have some water recipes on my pinterest with things like mint added for flavour - and good for your body too :) I need to figure out how to get moving more. I don't like moving, lol.

  2. OH I will check out your pinterest!