Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A good day

Today was one of those days I was thinking about our kid all day long. I was home all morning cleaning, and chilling. I made homemade pizzas before lunch and all I could think about was how I wanted so badly to have some kids to feed the pizza to. I texted Arnie and said I was thinking of our kids, how I would be homeschooling them, then we'd eat pizza for lunch. I was about to text him the second part of the message "then I'd take them to see the Chimpanzee movie, since it's raining and we would do a study on Chimps so it would be educational!" He called me before I could send it and actually asked if I would like to see the Chimp movie! He read my mind :) So before we went we stopped by the lab at the hospital to get our HIV test done.
Yes I was nervous!
I can't believe that I have given hundreds of needles and I still hate them!!!! Just because I'm a nurse doesn't mean I like  to get blood taken!
Not nervous at all.
Seriously he is watching... and intently watching too!

It always feels weird to go into a lab with my husband to get just HIV tests done....every year. I always feel I need to clarify why we are getting the tests done, especially since I was taking pictures. The nurse said "Oh I was wondering why you two were coming in for HIV tests." Yes it is odd to come in with your husband, one can only let their mind wonder. Anyways, I can't even express how much I love my child. I didn't care about the blood and tests, they can take all the blood they want, just bring our child home. All this "fighting" for our child, just makes me want them even more. I wold do this dumb HIV test every week if that was required! So today I'm praying hard for our child, please bring them home Father!


  1. Bekah, I am praying everyday for God to bring them home! For you guys to see their sweet faces!

  2. Ahh!! I can't believe he is watching..that's like mark! I lie down and close my eyes lol!