Saturday, April 14, 2012


I found out that our file in ethiopia is about to expire, in fact some of the papers have expired already! I didn't realize that police checks only last one year so they have been exited for months already. At first I was annoyed and angry at this news, the last thig I want to do is run around doing paper work all over again, this will be our third update!! As I was stewing in my anger God reminded me of something. A few weeks ago I had an elderly patient who was incredibly picky. His son had flown in from Hong Kong to care for his dad. We were joking about how picky his dad was when he said something to me. He said, "in all seriousness it is a privilege to care for my father in this time." I was shocked. This is the first time I have heard anyone say that it was their privilege to care for their sick family member. I found out this man was a christian which was clear to see before I even knew he was. God reminded me of this conversation yesterday as I began to get angry about all the paper work. He reminded me that it is a privilege to be chosen to fight for a child. I am beginning to understand this. As we went about our afternoon making appointments, filling out police reports and renewing passports, I had a joy in my heart that came from the truth god had spoken to me. I truly felt honored to fight for my child in this way. Every paper filled out and dollar spent was done to serve Jesus by serving my child. I was also reminded how Jesus has never stopped fighting for me or for any of us. He would never let paperwork or money get in between his love for us. He wouldnt even let death get between his love for us! So we continue on in this adoption battle, we follow Jesus as he leads us through and we see ourselves as privileged every time we fight for our child to come home!


  1. It will be huge for your children to see this someday and see how you fought for them to come home. How wanted a loved they already are. I promise you you... This will all be worth the wait and struggle.

  2. So lovely, Bekah... I think every month that passes you become more lovely in the light of Christ.

  3. Thanks ladies, God just keeps teaching me more and more of who he is. And Paige I'll take your word for it:)