Sunday, February 3, 2013

Court Date Number One

This past monday we received our court file number. As we waited in anticipation for any news, my strength was growing weak. It had been over two months since our referral with no word of a court date and although I was trying to be patient, I was beginning to worry. In fact only hours before we received our file number I was just trying to hold it together as I thought of Isaac in the orphanage waiting for us. And again, God answered my prayers. I opened my email and gasped. My husband was still asleep and woke up in a shock yelling, "What? What?" After I told him the news he said, "Why did you gasp like someone died!!??" Yep I am dramatic and even more dramatic when all my emotions are pulled into this adoption. We were told from others that the average timeline after receiving the court file number, until you receive a court date would be about two weeks... well Jesus surprised us again and gave us our date only two days later we received our court date for March 15th. This is our first date out of two. The first date is for the biological parents or in the case that the child was abandoned, for a government representative to attend. If all goes well and we pass this date, we will receive the second court date, which is our date that we need to be present at. This date should be somewhere around 4 weeks after the first court date.
Yesterday was my baby shower (I'll post on that soon). I was feeling anxious going into the week without any court date news to give at the shower, so I prayed that God would give us a date by saturday. When I received our court file number, I was overjoyed, I didn't think I would have anything to tell people. I did not expect that we would get our court date two days later, but sure enough God answered my prayers and we were able to announce at the shower that we had received our first court date. I am continually humbled by my God and how He has taken us through this journey. I am not saying that every time I asked for something, it was given, in fact we waited through years of asking. For many years He asked me to wait and now I feel He is saying, "It is time." I didn't know if He would ever say that to me. In fact I was growing very weary of the word "wait". But He knew what we could handle and the time has come. He is in the process of bringing our son home. he will not be sped up but He also will not be delayed, His timing will be perfection.
So now we count down to March 15th, fervently praying that we pass court. There is nothing else we can do at this point but to trust Jesus and wait as His plan unfolds. Please remember us in your prayers as we pray to pass court the first time!

P.S. Two days ago I reached half supply of breast milk! I am currently pumping 15 oz. per day!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh, Bekah! I am so thrilled as obstacles are being overcome for your family... Praying Isaac home! <3

    1. Thank-you so much, I am praying also for your family and for you time to come quickly!!!

  2. I am so excited for you! I know the relief you must be feeling.

  3. I can't possibly imagine a better Mother than you will be Bekah. Issac is one lucky boy. Love you.

  4. Hey bekah, can you send me a quick email? I have a question for you about your pumping and domperidone... I'm assuming that's what your taking.

    I couldn't find your email in your blog.