Friday, October 29, 2010


Some think love is a feeling, I believe true love begins when the feelings are gone and a choice has to be made. True love is when you are mad at your spouse, would like to call them all kinds of evil things, but instead choose to listen, to accept when you are wrong and apologize when you are right. Too many people hunt for a feeling, I am sure you can always find a feeling, but it is rare to find commitment. They wonder what went wrong when the feelings fade, but they missed the point…to love through the good AND the bad. Today I am grateful for a husband who loves me all the time. He loves me when I’m a sweetheart and he loves me when I’m not. He never rejects me, no matter how ugly I can get. His heart, eyes and mind are only for me, he doesn’t share them with anyone else. And although I am embarrassed to say this, he often apologizes even when he is right. He longs for peace between us, choosing to love me when I am unlovable. Although neither of us are perfect, we take each other for who we are, not longing to add or take away. Don’t get me wrong, we have many feelings for each other…some would say we still act like we are newlyweds, but it is not these times that define our love…it’s the times in between.  

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