Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our new adopted dog, Louie!!

Welcome to the family Louie!
About three weeks ago Arnie was working out near Lemont, which is where our dog breeder, who we got Lily from, lives. He decided he would stop by to say hi and check out the puppies, little did he know he was about to run into Louie! Louie and another dog were abandoned two days prior to this. Our dog breeder was at her vet when a lady came in with two dogs stating she just found them. Our dog breeder said they looked like they had come from her batch of dogs so she took them home. They got in touch with the owner, who lives in Fort Mac, he said he gave a friend money to buy them, so they gave him a week or so to come and get them. He didn't show up so instead of going to the pound, we came and rescued Louie! He is very malnourished and extremely anxious. He has big sad eyes that break your heart. Arnie said he was going golfing yesterday and instead went to pick up Louie, I had no idea that he was doing this as I wasn't even sure we could have him. He came home with him and completely surprised me!
Louie on the right, Lily on the left
Louie with his lip stuck on his tooth and cute Lily
Two days ago, Arnie and I were praying for our future child. We prayed that God would make us into the parents our child would need. It is no accident that Louie has now come to be our dog. We think he was abused and obviously neglected. When we tried to go to bed last night, he howled at the top of his lungs for 1.5 hours. I felt so sad for him and could not take it anymore, so I brought him into the bed. He walked around the bed for another half hour, then he finally calmed down and fell asleep. He is so unsure of himself, he is scared of Lily (we were told the other dog would beat him up, we also found bites on his ears), he hides behind us when she tries to play. He also has the worst anxiety I have seen in a dog. Whenever anyone leaves the house, he whines and cries and when Arnie and I leave the house together, he bawls!!! This is no ordinary cry, but a cry that sounds like we are killing him! We left the house a while ago and had to go back in and close the windows so the neighbours wouldn't think we were killing him. Other than that, he is a big sweetheart. He loves to cuddle and follows me all over the house. He will take a lot of work and patience to bring him to the confident level that Lily is at. We have already seen a change in him in just a day of love, food, cuddles and a sister to play with. Although he tests my patience with his "marking territory" pees, he is too sweet to be mad at. I'm so happy to have him!!

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