Friday, October 1, 2010

Month 17

Today makes the start of our 17th month of waiting since our dossier made it to Ethiopia. This is our 27th month since we started the whole process. Today is also the day of our 2 year homestudy update. It is amazing how these numbers slowly climb, (and the numbers in our bank slowly dwindle). Arnie and I talk about if we had known all this before we started, we would have never gone through with it. If only we could have a date, life would be so much easier...I guess it wouldn't require much faith either. It is hard to make plans though, not knowing when we will have to leave. One more number for today: 1 referral given in September. Slightly depressing, but the agency has just signed on with a new orphanage and we are the only agency signed with them. So we are all hoping that it starts to pick up. Pray for quick paper work for our update and the orphanage preparing papers so they can start referrals.


  1. I pray it will go quickly for you from this point on. I hope the new orphanage will help bring up those monthly numbers and will benefit you and all those children who need families.

    Good luck tonight and don't stress! It will all be fine!

  2. Oh the new orphanage is great news! I hope this is the beginning of some positive changes in this journey for you