Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If only I could tell you...

My child how I long for you. Every morning when I wake up, you are on my mind. I wonder what you are up to, what you are going to eat for breakfast, who will feed you, who will play with you. It is almost too much some days. I dream of you all night then think of you all day. My heart longs to be with you. I can’t imagine a better day then the day I get to meet you. Forgive me if I overwhelm you at first, I just don’t think I’ll be able to separate myself from you. I hope one day you will understand how badly you are wanted, how desperately you are loved although I haven’t even met you. I pray often that Jesus will be your mom and your dad while we aren’t able to be there. I know he will take care of you. I hope you can see his face. I hope you never feel alone. We are coming soon, as soon as God permits us we will be there. Until that day, look for Jesus, he will be with you. With more love then you can imagine, Your Mom.

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  1. Beautiful Becca! I know exactly how you feel... knowing your child is out there and needs their family and that their life is about to change in a huge way... but a great way. The time will come and yes... you are a mom!