Saturday, September 11, 2010

The bankruptcy

About a year and three months ago, we got a call telling us that our adoption agency (Imagine Adoption) had gone bankrupt. A month previous to this we had just paid our final instalment, our bills were finished. We rejoiced as we thought that we were getting close as we had now paid off our entire adoption! But when we received this phone call last July, we were crushed. I can't explain to you how we felt, only to say it may have felt something like a miscarriage. We thought we had lost our chance of becoming parents to our Ethiopian baby. That weekend we were scheduled to go camping in Jasper, while we were there, a friend gave me a song to listen to; When the time comes by Jason Upton. I couldn't help the tears from flowing as I listened to the words, "when the time comes I will see forever, when the time comes it'll be alright, when the time comes I will be the one asking why, why did I ever doubt you." I knew then that God would work something out, that he was on our side, going to bat for us. It turned out I was right a few months later our agency was pulled out of bankruptcy, with a few more costs and a six month lag time, we were up and running again. Although it looks as though it will be a few more years till our child comes, the list is still moving. It is painfully slow at this time, almost unbearable. These are the days I must trust that above all, I've got the God of the universe on our side.


  1. Please keep this blog coming. I am just as interested in the spiritual journey as I am in the adoption process.

  2. they definitely intertwine! This has been the biggest stretch of faith I have encountered in my life, a refining time. Although incredibly painful, as I look back I see the character building I have gone through, my relationship with Jesus and my relationship with my husband have also been tested and refined.
    May I ask who wrote this?

  3. I have just stumbled upon your blog. Praying or your journey. We are also adopting from Ethiopia. It's nice to "meet" you and I will be following along :)