Thursday, September 23, 2010

Homestudy Update

Note the chewed spindles 

It’s almost been two years since we completed our first homestudy, which means the time has come for a homestudy update. I was convinced that it would never come to this, it couldn’t possibly take longer than 2 years for an adoption to be completed (sarcasm noted).  But yet I am proven wrong, it actually can possibly take longer than two years, maybe even three years or four, you get the point. So on October 1st our social worker is coming to update us. Not sure what there is to update, we still have no children, still live in the same house, still have a dog, are still married… but yet I am freaking out a little. One wrong move and this lady has the capability to shut down our entire adoption. The past few days I have found myself wondering around the house looking at everything as if I were evaluating whether or not it silently communicates something about our parenting skills or the type of people we are. For example, I have been worrying about the spindles that Lily chewed when she was a puppy, this could show that we are negligent with our dog and therefore will be negligent with a child, or that our dog is vicious and will attack a child. Or the fact that we have no door on our bedroom bathroom, she may think we are disgusting or too care free. I packed up any baby clothes I had stored in the closet for fear she would think we just want a baby and not an older child…as you can see I could drive myself crazy with this. I still have a good week though to go through the house thoroughly, a spring cleaning of sorts or a crazy woman who wants a child so badly she would do anything like scrub the baseboards with a toothbrush, to make sure she didn’t screw this up-cleaning. Either one my house is about to be spotless! I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. Ours is coming up for renewal too - faster than I'd like to think. And we are still have SOOOO far to go in this adoption. The renewals feel kind of like a slap in the face when you're already waiting. But as for your social worker...all the one's from CAS that I've met have been wonderful! Don't worry. I spent so much time cleaning for our first homestudy, and she didn't even leave our kitchen! But at least the house was clean :)

  2. You are worrying way too much... you have a great house, a great marriage,you will be a great mother... that is what they will see. This is just a formality. Did you go to ACS?

  3. You guys are sweet, we are still with CAS but our social worker quit so now they are sending a new one, that is why I am so worried! Im sure it will be fine, but I need to make sure I do all I can! i suppose if I clean too much it will look like we are putting on a show...I cant win!