Monday, February 7, 2011

and behold there it was

sitting all pretty in my inbox....that little email!!! They said all our dates on our documents were good and they will send the updated dossier to Ethiopia soon! I am hoping it will be there by next week, I'm trying to not get my hopes too high because sometimes the mail is slow.
We received an update from the agency today, there were 2 referrals made in  January, we are not thrilled with this, but at least it is not zero!!!
Today was also the day Arnie guessed we would receive our referral call. We had made guesses in the new year, he said Feb.7 and I said Feb.27, I think we were a little too optimistic. My date could still work, but our file needs to arrive in Ethiopia first, so we will see. I was so secretly hoping Arnie was going to be right. This seemed fun at the time, but now as the days pass, it feels kind of sad instead.


  1. I'm glad your stuff is on it's way! I am a bit saddened too, as my old time frame was 19 days from the day I sent it to the day it got to Ethiopia. Looks like it is taking upwards of 4 weeks now :( Boo!

    I'm banking on before Feb.27th for you! I think you will get a call the dy after your file arrives, just like Tammy! Our file only took 4 days to be couriered to Addis last time. Here's hoping yours is quick!!!

    Thinking of you,

  2. Yay! Glad to hear this news. And I hope your prediction is correct! (Or if it's wrong, your referral is sooner!) It's hard not to get your hopes up, hey? I think about you guys constantly and can't wait(!) for you to get your referral!


  3. Whew! At least it's on it's way now. That was a long wait for you - I'm hoping your date is right!

  4. But that last step in the paperwork is done! Now you are truly waiting for that phone call. I am still hoping for Valentine's Day!

  5. Yay!!!!! Your call is coming soon! I'm so excited for everyone that will be getting calls soon!