Sunday, May 19, 2013

At 12 months

At 12 months you like to eat:
- anything that we mash up in the food grinder
-you learned how to eat little bits of baby cookies and baby puffs
-you like to beg for our food so sometimes when we are out we have to chew it up then feed it to you, we call you our little bird
-you love boob milk, if you see me pumping and you are hungry, you call out "Aya aya aya" and motion for me to give it to you
-you eat anything your dada gives you, including a chewed up black olive yuck!

At 12 months you like to play with:
-boxes, paper, movies, water bottles... and anything that is not a toy!
- things that rattle and make noise
-you like to play on the floor crawling all over your mama and dada
-you like to dance by shaking your head and clapping your hands
-you like playing jumping monkeys and flying babies with your mama
-you like when dada throws you around in the air and kisses you all over

At 12 months you say:

At 12 months you sleep:
-10-12 hours at night with 1-2 wakes up to eat
-you take 2 naps during the day for 1-1.5 hours each
-you like us to rock you to sleep, dada can put you to sleep in 5 minutes flat by holding and rocking you a special way, I like to feed you until you close your eyes and fall asleep on y chest
-when you are almost asleep you love when we pet your forehead and cheeks, you instantly close your eyes and fall asleep
-you sweat like crazy when you sleep! You sweat through your pillow and sleeper!
-you sleep in between us in our bed

At 12 months you like:
-water of any temperature, even cold swimming pools
-to be held and touched
-to give kisses to us
-to jump in our arms while we help you use your legs
-to crawl around on your belly
-to wave hi to people and blow kisses
-to go for walks in your sling or ergo
-to skype with your family
-to kiss with your mouth wide open
-to see us at all times, if we leave the room you try to scoot after us calling out "Aya" or saying dada or mama
-to be thrown in the air, sang to and tickled under the arm
-you giggle and squeal when you are really excited
-your mama and dada, when daddy goes to get food or do an errand you look for him, when he comes home you yell, "dada" and jump up and down squealing with excitement. You like that mommy is always there, if you wake up you call out "mama" and will sometimes lay your head back down when you see me.


  1. What a great idea... Love these glimpses of who Isaac is at 12 months...

  2. That last line is perfect. Oh, that boy has stolen hearts already!